Tangerine Dream Autoflowering Marijuana Seed


Tangerine Dream auto is an indica dominant hybrid with a genetic ratio of 55% indica and  35% sativa and 10% ruderalis  with an average THC level at 20%.    It is derived from Afghani, G13 and Neville Haze.  Its high THC level provides an instant cerebral high and gradually calms and physical relaxation.   It has a unique aroma and flavor of citrus and mix of earthy aftertaste. It is one of the potent indica strains with a strong cerebral high and calming sensation. This strain is popular in the West Coast region of the USA.   This strain grows compact and with a number of side branches. It is perfect for indoor cultivation for its compact size.  This is also a good choice for new cultivators. 

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Tangerine Dream Auto Cannabis Strain Specs

Type:  Indica 55%,  Sativa 35%, Ruderalis 10%

Genetics Parents: Afghani x G13 x Neville Haze

Flowering Period:  8-10 weeks

Climate:   Dry, Sunny and Warm

Yield:  400 grams per square feet indoors, 500 grams per plant outdoors

Flavors:  Orange, Citrus, Sugary,  Sweet, Berry, Tropical

THC Level:   20%

CBD Level:   1%

Height:  Medium

Harvest Period: Late October

Growing Difficulty:   Easy to Moderate

What are the Effects and Flavor of Tangerine Dream Auto Strain

Tangerine Dream Auto marijuana strain has a unique aroma that gives out sweet, citrus, tropical with a mix of earthy, pungent tones. Its flavors are unique and does not disappoint, with a mix of citrus and earthy, berry, orange aftertaste and lingers in your mouth after each toke.   This plant grows compact with a number of side branches. Perfect for indoor propagation.    It is suitable for indoors and outdoor propagation.

Tangerine Dream Auto ganja strain provides the strong cerebral head rush with uplifting energy and vigor but fully functional and clear mind.   It leaves a happy mood to the users that radiates with a smile. It has a mood altering effect that makes users think of positive thoughts. Its high will gradually relax and calm the body but not too overwhelming but soothing.   It is best for that daytime and late afternoon usage. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Tangerine Dream Auto Strain?

Tangerine Dream auto marijuana strain helps alleviate both mental and physical disorders.  It has fast therapeutic effects  that provide euphoric, uplifting, relaxing body high without that strong sedative effect. This potent strain has antidepressant properties and mind focusing effects that are suitable to treat  depression, stress, ADHD, ADD, PTSD and anxiety. It helps patients to focus on positive thoughts. Its fast acting body high calms the body with a pleasantly soothing sensation.  It also has inflammatory properties that are suitable to relieve  chronic body pains, arthritis, sore muscles and muscle spasms. It is due to its full body high that relaxes and soothes tired and knotted stressed muscles.  

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Tangerine Dream Auto Strain

Tangerine Dream auto cannabis strain has some adverse effects of cotton mouth and dry, itchy eyes. It can be easily managed through  proper hydration. It is best to hydrate before, during and after usage. For dry eyes, it is recommended to have a bottle of moisturizer for the eyes to prevent dryness and itchy eyes. There are some who have experienced mild anxiety, dizzy, headache due to excess usage.  It is best to moderate the dosage and or try other strains with less THC levels for tokers who are sensitive to high THC. 

How to Grow Tangerine Dream Auto Strain

Tangerine Dream auto marijuana strains are a resinous plant and are considered for moderately experienced growers. It needs constant attention and pruning to maximize its yield. It is resilient to most molds and pests.  When done properly this compact bushy herb will yield at least 500 grams per plant within 8 to 10 weeks. It thrives in a warm and dry condition and sunlight. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. 

For indoor propagation, it is a compact herb with a number of side branches. It can grow at least 60 to 70cm and would yield at least 400 grams per square feet. it is best to trim the branches to help manage air circulation. For outdoor propagation, it is best to keep this plant in a warm and dry area under the sun. It would yield at least 500 grams per plant. 



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