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Sour Girl Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Sour Girl Autoflowering Marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant strain, an offspring of Sour Diesel and Early Girl. Long, dense buds with a classic diesel aroma and flavor are generated by the 70% Sativa-dominant genes. A potent strain with about 17% THC and 0.21% CBD creates a cerebral high that leaves users feeling very comfortable and sedated. Sour Girl Autoflowering Marijuana strain is a perfect strain for novice and complete growers to grow indoors and outdoors; because of its easy-to-grow characteristics, this marijuana strain became popular. Large forest green pepper-shaped nugs with hints scattered with bright amber hairs coated with tiny crystal trichomes define the buds.

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Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specification

Type:  Sativa-dominant

Genetics Parents:  Sour Diesel x Early Girl

Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks

Climate: Sunny Warm Humid

Yield: 160-174 grams

Flavors: Sour Diesel Pungent 

THC Level: 17%

CBD Level: 0.21%

Height: Medium

Harvest Period: Unknown

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects and Flavor of Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana strains have extremely sour tastes that live up to their namesake. Its buds have a complex sour taste of diesel notes, with a hint of pungent aroma with a gassy, fuel-like overtone that quickly turns spicy and is very overpowering. It emits earthy and herbal scents as the nugs light up when combusted. Furthermore, it delivers a high that is as mind-blowing as its taste, with cerebral effects that raise your spirits and send you soaring into an incredible state of bliss.

The high begins slowly, gradually increasing in intensity until it finally takes over your mind. A couch lock sensation will eventually develop. It makes you feel more innovative, energized, and outgoing, which is ideal for social situations. 

What are the Medical effects of Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Chronic disorders such as discomfort, depression, exhaustion, PTSD, stress, nausea, and lack of appetite are frequently treated with the Sour Girl  Autoflower Marijuana strain. Patients suffering from stress-related disorders such as depression and PTSD may use it as a mood enhancer and antidepressant. 

Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana strains also have a lasting crashing onset, making them ideal for patients suffering from chronic pains such as headaches, body exhaustion, and the like. It can act as an anesthetic, calming them down and allowing you to relax. Additionally, patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments can benefit from the medication’s antiemetic properties to help them cope with nausea and vomiting. Patients who have lost their appetite due to pre-existing illnesses, extreme pains, or mental health issues can benefit from this strain. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana strain analysis indicates that the strain’s side effects are usually mild and are present in all strains. Patients with low tolerance, or even the highest, should consume this in moderation because the high THC content can cause adverse effects such as dizziness and paranoia. Consumers can avoid mild discomfort such as dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be prevented by staying hydrated. 

How to Grow Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana strains are plentiful, making them ideal for growing both indoors and out. It grows into a compact marijuana plant with resinous flowers that can withstand any weather conditions, molds, or pests, as well as some unknowns that may affect growth. Furthermore, the Sour Girl Strain will take 8-9 weeks to mature, and they will reach a medium-tall height. It can yield up to 160-175g.

Growing a Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana strain should be cultivated in an indoor environment. Growers will better control temperature and other environmental factors that may affect the plant’s growth. Marijuana seeds from the Sour Girl Autoflower strain can be grown outside because it is a hardy plant. However, to achieve maximum productivity, most experienced growers cultivate them in a warm and humid climate. Compared to growing them indoors, outdoor yield can provide a medium harvest but expect some drawbacks.


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    The reliability and performance of their genetics have made me a customer for life.

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