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Soaking to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Soaking is a method that can be used to germinate marijuana seeds when preparing to grow a crop and this is done using a bowl or cup that will hold heat well and fill with warm water. The seeds are placed in the bowl and then covered with a saucer that will retain the heat. The water that is placed in the cup or bowl should be warmer than room temperature, but not hot.

The seeds that have been placed in this container will need to be given a little tap occasionally and within 24 hours or less; the seeds that are viable will sink to the bottom. Using this method it is not possible to over soak the seeds, but when the taproot has appeared from the cracked seed they need to be removed from the water. It is completely possible using this method to see the taproot in about 48 hours; this will be dependent upon the grower that buys cheap, but good cannabis seeds.

This is a method that is simple to use to germinate marijuana seeds that can be planted indoors or outdoors and will even work for feminized cannabis seeds.

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