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Power Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Power Plant is a feminized Sativa-dominant hybrid that rose from South African sativas. Its THC levels are recorded to be quite high which suggests its potential as a recreational strain. Being mostly Sativa, Power Plant exhibits a cerebral high that focuses on providing euphoria to its users, keeping them feeling uplifted and mentally relaxed at the same time. As the high settles in, you are likely to be encouraged to immerse in social interaction and conversation with your peers. More so, because it induces clarity of the mind, it prompts a rush of creativity and focus. All those effects considered, Power Plant is actually a strain that is capable of assisting the treatment of several physical and mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, over fatigue, body inflammations, migraine, and even appetite loss. Within seven to nine weeks, you can then enjoy the spicy, herbal, woody, and peppery flavors of Power Plant, which completes the entire cannabis experience. It is suggested to consume Power Plant in the morning or within the day to fully feel the sensation it brings.


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Power Plant Feminized Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (70%) / Indica (30%)

Genetics Parents: Descendant of South African Sativas

Flowering Period: 7 weeks to 9 weeks

Climate: Mediterranean climate

Yield: 500g – 600g

Flavors: spicy, herbal, peppery, woody

THC Level: 20%

CBD Level: 0.01%

Height: 5ft – 6ft

Photoperiod: 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness

Harvest Period: Mid October

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Power Plant Feminized?

Unlike most strains that boast their powerful and sweet fruity scents, this strain provides quite the opposite. Power Plant emits a subtle earthy note coupled with a forest-like smell, most would say that it has a rather neutral aroma. Although it may not be at par with other strains that release such unique and best-smelling fragrances, it is certain that Power Plant’s scent is in no way repulsive at all. Meanwhile, its flavor might not be a crowd favorite as well, but for those who like the taste of spicy herbs and pepper with wood undertones, then they might appreciate Power Plant.

Power Plant, with a soaring 20% of THC level is clearly a strain not suitable for those who have low tolerance and beginners. Power Plant’s very potent high immediately uplifts the mood just after a few puffs. Since a cerebral high is its main offering, not only does it bring relaxation but triggers social interaction and activity. It is best to enjoy this in moderation so that you will get just enough amount of energy and vigor to nail your day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Power Plant Feminized?

Without a doubt, Power Plant is certainly an overpowering recreational strain with a relatively potent high, but it also offers several medical benefits. The optimal CBD level of Power Plant makes it a good strain for battling depression, anxiety, and stress. However, it is not adequate to treat cases of seizures. Moreover, despite being predominantly Sativa it still has anti-inflammatory properties that could relieve muscle spasms, mild body aches, and migraines. On the other hand, one of the Power Plant’s natural side effects is causing munchies, thus, apt for those trying to regain their appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Power Plant Feminized

Power Plant surely is an excellent strain in terms of its recreational and medicinal benefits, however, it also has corresponding adverse effects when not consumed moderately. Commonly, most marijuana strains cause cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dehydration, and these are also evident on Power Plant. In some cases, it may trigger mild hallucinations that often lead to paranoia and dizziness, especially when taken in excessively and beyond the person’s level of tolerance.

How to Grow Power Plant Feminized

Power Plant is a strain that can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environment. It can grow tall with a heavy yield. Seasoned growers recommend applying the Screen of Green method in order to cultivate Power Plant to its full potential. It normally matures within seven to nine weeks producing an estimate of about 500 grams to 600 grams.  


1 review for Power Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Victoria Johnson

    My mental health was at ease, helping me deal with my mental health. It overpowers my depression, I think I chose the right warrior for battling my depression. The strain’s relatively powerful high offers, can be considered as a medication for other people with mental health problems like me. I feel so incredible and so the seeds are. You can grow this into a tall and high-yielding strain. In the 8th week, I witnessed the full potential of this PowerPlant, as it gave me a yield of 550 grams/m2. Such an outstanding yield!

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