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Planting Pot Seeds for Medical Use

Planting pot seeds for medical use is one of the ways to plant this crop in the USA and other countries that it is a legal crop. There are stipulations for this grower, first only a handful of states allow cannabis to be planted for medical use. Then there is the amount that is allowed to be grown, and growing cannabis for medical purposes will be legal only after obtaining a prescription.

Growers will find there are many strains of cannabis that they can order for planting pot seeds that can relieve medical conditions that it has been prescribed. There are many people that have an illness that makes it hard to function and the grower that knows they can begin a cannabis crop by planting pot seeds they found cheap at the seedbank is an extra bonus on top of the weed that will be harvested to relieve chronic pain and other symptoms.

There are strains that have high yields and high THC levels, but flower sooner than other strains, there are hybrids that cross both sativa and indica, and then there are strains that have flavors like blueberry. These things can all be considered whe

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