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Popular Cannabis Seeds from Netherlands

The White Widow feminized Marijuana Seeds is popular and the most rewarded variety of marijuana seeds in recent years. The taste is has a refreshing flavor and so cool. There is a strong to this one when you smoke a big pipe or bong hit. If you can withstand the growth of your lungs while you fight to hold it down, you’ve won the battle. This strain provides you with the strongest effect from all the white strains as it are feminized version. It hits quickly and without any warning. A mixture of a direct body stone and a bit of uplifting head high makes the Marijuana seeds from Netherland one of a kind.

The White Buffalo Tatanka Marijuana Seeds is great all-around smoke. Not too heavy on the flavor but still great for a white marijuana seeds strain. The FX is often a wild ride between strong visuals, talkativeness and then just plain being stoned! A mixed bag of tricks is what you can expect from quality weed. The taste is like inhaling smoke while chewing on a peppermint. Icy-cool and sweet. There is a soft burn left at the back of the throat and you feel like you are going to explode as your lungs fill to capacity. It has you feeling twisted, not sure if you are stoned or high.

You’ll surely like the feeling that it will give you because the trip has been different every time you smoked. It’s like a Spiritual and amazing feeling for sure. The White Queen Marijuana Seeds is very dense, full buds, but still lightweight to the touch. When well cured, the buds are not too moist but also do not crumble between your fingers either, the perfect curing can brings out the royal flavor. Its taste is like a floral scent with a minty-pine blend is the primary flavor that slightly numbs the lips when you are uplifting up. This is very physical, this gear races in and feels like you are on a bungee jump, no shitting, after a fat spiff and your stomach will surely drop down to your shoes. This will gets your heart pumping, totally an intense stone.

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