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Microdosing Weed Basic Tutorial

Do you consume weed? Why do you use a weed? What are your reasons for using cannabis? If you are into its benefits, then you can rely on consuming marijuana. There are types of marijuana strains that offer lots of benefits. What should you do when you only want those marijuana benefits and you do not like to experience its adverse reactions or effects? It is very much possible with the use of microdosing weed. 

You might be tired of some adverse reactions that the weed will give you and you do not have any choice but to take the weed because of any medical problems you are facing with. You should not worry because you can still rely on marijuana microdose. 

Even if the numbers of people who want to consume weed with a high level of THC are increasing, some cannabis users are into advocating for consuming weed in a lesser dosage. This method is what we called the microdosing method. It is now a trend in the consumption of marijuana and it is now becoming more usual. 

Through this article, we will be able to know more about the method of microdosing and how it is being done. Let us now find it out. 

What is Microdosing Weed?

Those cannabis users who practice the method of microdosing are using the lowest amount of marijuana. Their reason for doing it is to get the benefits of THC, medically at the same time preventing from getting the psychoactive effects that may cause trouble or changes in their daily routine or everyday life. 

It is more of a personal method and it works differently in every marijuana patient. There are other users, especially those who are new to cannabis who do not know a lot about the process of microdosing. Some patients tend to consume marijuana with a high THC level, which is surely not a good idea with the medical problems they are suffering from. There is some medical marijuana that is very reliable, especially with alleviating lots of medical illnesses, but you have to remember that overuse of something good can lead to something harmful.

You need to know that if you increase the dosage of the marijuana you are taking, there is a bigger possibility that the good benefits will be declined and it might lead to the opposite effects. There is an example of that, just like when you use weed for relieving anxiety. If you take the normal doses or lower doses, then it can be effective in treating anxiety, but if you take a high level of weed dosage for treating anxiety, it might worsen your anxiety. Hence, microdosing weed is needed, especially for cannabis patients. 

Some Medical Problems are best for microdosing?

There are lots of patients who are now into the method of microdosing just for treating some medical conditions. The medical problems you can use microdosing within treating are the stress, depression, pain, the lack of sleep, anxiety, as well as the improvement of focus. Though it is still needed to be studied, some researches prove how effective microdosing is in the medical marijuana industry, something less will result in something more. 

In some studies, it shows how effective the lower dosage of weed is in alleviating pain when it is being compared with a high dosage consumed. 

The best dosage to take for weed microdosing

The amount or level of dosage you should take would be depending on your body condition. The effect of getting high from THC may affect your metabolism, cannabinoid receptors, and liver. Hence, you should use the ideal dosage that you should think is good for you and the dosage that would not bring a very strong effect. There are some options for microdose optimal but you have to know that controlling the dosage you take is not as easy as you think. 

It would be best to take the edibles with a low level of THC. However, if you are a busy type of person, you can choose tinctures. The reason for it is because the benefits will kick in fast. Make sure to use the ones with a low level of THC. Another way is through vaping or even through smoking. These are the options you have when you want to use weed and you are at home. When you consume the weed through vaping, there will be a lesser potent aroma. This is ideal if your roommate or the people around you do not like the smell of marijuana. 

Whichever your way of consuming marijuana, make sure to follow the proper steps in taking it. If you want to enjoy the medical benefits that marijuana has, you can try doing the microdosing of marijuana method. This might be a good way for you and it might work well with you. 


It is amazing as to how good weed can be, especially for those marijuana patients in alleviating the health problems they are experiencing. However, if you are a cannabis user, you really can’t deny the fact that taking medical weed may also lead to a psychoactive reaction. 

The stated above are the ways you can try at avoiding the psychoactive effect while you can benefit from its medical benefits and you can enjoy the effects it brings. Microdosing weed is a helpful way, especially if your reason for taking weed is to get the medical benefits and you do not want to experience the psychoactive effect. 

In this article, the ways you can get a low level of THC or low doses were mentioned above. You can try any of those ways in consuming weed as long as you have to remember taking the low amount of dosage if you are aiming to try marijuana microdosing. By that, you will be able to successfully get what you are aiming for. The fewer amounts you consume, the better benefits you can take. That is how it works in the world of marijuana.

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