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Alzheimer’s disease and Marijuana Use

There has been an extensive amount of studies and research projects conducted in regards to the benefits that cannabis can provide to a patient that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The data gathered by several different medical professionals of the Scripps Research Institute that is located in California, on medical marijuana and its use by patients that have been diagnosed with having Alzheimer’s disease.

The data that was collected from this research has shown that the formation of deposits within the brain that are linked to the Alzheimer’s disease can effectively be prevented simply with the use of THC, which is the active ingredient that is found in cannabis.

Acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme that has the ability to accelerate the formation of Alzheimer plaques. The THC in weed has actually shown that it can stop the harmful action of this enzyme. As a matter of fact, it shows to be much more effective than the commonly prescribed medications. The cognitive skills and the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient are often blocked by clumps of protein. According to information Molecular Pharmaceutics has reported, the THC contained in marijuana actually has the ability to block this negative action of these proteins.

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