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Kryptonite Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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This auto-flowering variant of the Sativa-dominant Kryptonite grows energetically and swiftly with vivid green foliage. Its Buds are not as elongated as its regular version but are more dense and compact in structure. It has a slight Haze flavor, and the effects are cerebral and active, making it excellent for days when you need to get things done and want a useful buzz. This variety grows well on any media indoors, and displays increased vigor when grown outdoors. Under lights, plants grow to a height of roughly 60-90cm and yield 450g/m².

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Kryptonite Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant autoflowering

Genetics Parents: Kryptonite x Ruderalis

Flowering Period: 12-13 weeks

Climate: Warm, Sunny, Mediterranean

Yield: Up to 300g/m² indoors, 40-200 grams/plant outdoors

Flavours: Fresh, Pine, Citrus

THC Level: 15%

CBD Level: 0.5%

Height: Short

Harvest Period: September to October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Kryptonite Autoflowering?

This Sativa-dominant strain gives amazing recreational benefits to its consumers with its euphoric high that’s both exciting and comforting. It’s terrific for folks who have a lot of backlogs to work through, as this promotes creativity and increases attention. Apart from these benefits, the experience is enhanced even better with its pine, fresh, and citrusy taste and scent that’s sure to have smokers going back for more. With 15 percent of THC, it may produce a very intense and long-lasting high that is intellectual and energetic but also soothing as you’d expect from a first-class Sativa.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kryptonite Autoflowering?

Being a Sativa-dominant strain, smokers can expect the strain to carry significant medical properties such as offering relief in several mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress due to its euphoric high. Despite being Sativa-dominant, it also helps ease mild body aches and pains, which can be expected from the Kryptonite Autoflowering.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kryptonite Autoflowering 

Smokers should anticipate having dry eyes and a dry mouth while they smoke this cannabis. Dry eyes can be relieved by using over-the-counter eye drops. In contrast, dry mouth or cottonmouth can be readily alleviated by increasing fluid intake before, during, and after the smoking session. Overindulging may lead to serious adverse effects like nausea and psychosis. It is advisable to consume the strain in moderation, especially for individuals who are new to smoking marijuana.

How to Grow Kryptonite Autoflowering

With a typical height of 60-160cm, Kryptonite Autoflowering will typically still stay at a modest size when you grow it. Maybe it won’t precisely dazzle with its stature, but then it will grow some extremely hefty and very compact buds that will really thrill the grower. It is advisable to put the plant under 20hrs of light and feed it some fertilizers, and it will reward growers with a good 300 grams of buds per square meter when grown indoors. Outdoors, when everything is ideal, she can generate as much as 200g of some beautiful premium Sativa bud per plant.

1 review for Kryptonite Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. James Morris

    I’ve been using Mary Jane’s Garden seeds for years, and they never disappoint. The quality is unmatched, and my garden flourishes because of it.

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