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Island Sweet Skunk Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Island Sweet Skunk is a native Canadian strain created by changing the original Skunk #1 strain. It has retained its reputation due to its many medicinal properties and is often demanded in the medical marijuana community.

Island Sweet Skunk is an aptly called strain, as it embodies the Skunk lineage admirably and smells like an island in the sun. This combination is said to have clear tropical fruit notes, and its stimulating and calming properties ideally catch the essence of a real island getaway.

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Island Sweet Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: 20% Indica 80% Sativa
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks
Climate: Warm and Sunny
Yield: 21oz/ m2 (indoors) 39oz/ plant (outdoors)
Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Grapefruit, Skunky, Sweet, Tropical
THC Level: 16%-25%
CBD Level: 0.10%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: late September to mid October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Island Sweet Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Island Sweet Skunk is quite the lady, as shown by her physical appearance and the many favorable properties she has on her users. This hybrid is primarily a mood enhancer, and you will find yourself unable to stop – stressful feelings will melt away and make room for higher vibrations.

This strain is all about the uplifting sensations. Island Sweet Skunk will provide you with the help you’re looking for and will keep you in a happy mood for hours on end. Additionally, this sativa-dominant strain is excellent for delivering a burst of energy.

Island Sweet Skunk will lull you into a peculiar euphoric mood that will last the whole day. This strain will motivate you to be more imaginative than average, supply you with numerous new ideas, and keep you in an inspired state of mind, allowing you to remain concentrated and productive. The scent of Island Sweet Skunk is genuinely unique, immediately filling the room with its fruity goodness. This strain has a fragrance similar to fresh grapefruit combined with a robust skunky aroma that will remind you of various citrus fruits.

This unique strain smells and tastes just as its moniker implies. Island Sweet Skunk has a creamy taste that reminds you of tropical fruits, and its scent lingers on your tongue, leaving a sweet hint.

What are the Medical Benefits of Island Sweet Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Island Sweet Skunk is an outstanding alternative for patients finding relief from painful and inconvenient symptoms. This strain is a well-oiled curing machine, promoting relaxation and worry-free living, as well as alleviating other symptoms associated with chronic and constant stress. Additionally, this hybrid effectively treats mood-altering conditions such as depression and anxiety, helping you act more positively and relaxedly. Island Sweet Skunk will provide you with energy, which could be beneficial if you suffer from chronic fatigue or merely need a lift.

Island Sweet Skunk has also been shown to be an effective treatment for chronic pain. This multi-talented sativa hybrid is well-known for its ability to significantly alleviate back pain, muscle spasms, and headaches, enabling patients to resume their daily activities with increased energy and leave the aches behind.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Island Sweet Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Island Sweet Skunk is a moderately potent strain that can be treated with caution for novice smokers. This strain hits hard and can induce paranoia in some users, especially those who are prone to feeling nervous when high. This bud’s other frequent side effects include a dry throat, dry and itchy skin, and a mild parched sensation. When smoking this hybrid, you may experience a mild headache, which some anxiety may accompany, but does not always last long.

How to Grow Island Sweet Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Island Sweet Skunk is a prolific producer, which contributes to its allure. Growers with little experience should attempt to cultivate this tropical-scented beauty, as it is a low-maintenance herb. Yields can be maximized by paying careful attention to its preferred humidity level, which is about 50%.

This hybrid produces approximately 21 ounces of young, fruity bud on average—Island Sweet Skunk flowers and flourishes for about 7 to 9 weeks before harvesting. When grown outdoors, Island Sweet Skunk grows overwhelmingly, with an average yield of about 39 ounces per plant. This hybrid is usually able to pluck between late September and mid-October.

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    I’ve never been disappointed with the quality or performance of their products. When you buy from MaryJanes Garden, you’re investing in top-tier genetics. Their seeds consistently produce high-quality plants with impressive yields.

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