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Indica vs Sativa: Choosing the Best Weed Type for You

Have you ever been in a situation where you are purchasing a shirt in a boutique, and that shirt has all the colors you can think of? The worst part is that your mind breaks in choosing what color suits you! Then you just end up with a color that you are comfortable with, it sucks right? This is the same case when it comes to cannabis or weed; it is a constant battle between indica vs sativa.

Cannabis has over 1,000 different strains, and not all of these strains were created equal. These strains were created over the past decades, and the users, as well as the patients that benefit from these strains, must know the types of potency that every strain contains. Also, this will help the patient to choose the right strain for a specific ailment. A lot of newly developed strains are specifically effective against certain ailments that can help a patient’s therapy be more effective.

Medical Potency of Cannabis

The main difference between indica vs sativa is their medicinal benefits and effects as well as the energy levels and productivity it influences. Indicas are known to have a sedating effect, which decreases the energy level of a user or a patient; these are best to be used and administered during the night in order to induce proper sleep and a good rest.

Sativas, on the other hand, is the opposite; it increases the energy of a patient, enhances creativity and productivity. It gives the system a mental high, or others may define as a euphoric high. 

Also, it is notable that sativas take a longer time to grow and mature; it also yields a very small amount of flowers that can be used for medicinal purposes. This is the main reason why indica has the largest market share and has the most popularity.

Legal growers, cultivators, and dispensaries are very strict and subjective when the topic of potency takes place. A particular strain and potency must be provided for a certain patient and only to target a specific ailment. There are strains that are created for the sole purpose of targeting major ailments and conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy.

What are Cannabis Hybrids?

Cannabis hybrids are the new types or the new generations of weed that are bred from different types of strains in order to attain a maximum efficacy as well as increased medical benefits. Master growers can cross breed any two effective strains that they prefer in order to create a higher class of strain that may help aid diseases like lupus, sclerosis, and epilepsy.

With free knowledge as well as the freedom to cultivate weed, many growers have produced tons of hybrid strains that are available to users, especially patients. Many of these strains target the source of pain and eliminate any inflammation without the use of chemically composed medicines. Take note; these strains can be administered at any time of the day without knocking out the user or the patient to sleep.

To define the different types of hybrids, they are divided into two subgroups, which are “indica-dom,” which means indica strain and effects are more dominant. On the other hand, sativa, dominant strains are defined as “sativa-dom”.

Indica vs Sativa: Which should you choose?

The proper way to choose the type of marijuana that you will highly depend on your needs and preference. There will come to the point that you will switch sides, but that argument will be based on what the situation will dictate. If you had a rough day or week and you just want to rest and experience couch lock, then the best strain for you are indica-doms.

If you are a person that needs inspiration and motivational drive or you desperately need a creative jolt that will help you with your artwork, speech, exam, or any activity that requires mental alertness and creativity. Then the right strain for you is the sativa-doms.

Also, the choice must also answer the following questions listed below:

  • What is the motive for the usage of marijuana?– You must clearly know the reason why you are using it. You have to make sure that there is a thin line between recreation and addiction. If it is used for recreation, there must be a boundary and only a specific dosage, or else it will be a legal and health risk rather than a good time. 

If it is used for medicinal purposes, then the correct strain must be used as well as having the right dosage, always consult your doctor and the dispensary. Make sure you only purchase from reputable sellers.

  • Is it going to be used as a medicine? For what illness?– There are thousands of strains that are readily available; you have to know for sure what strain is effective and available for that certain illness.
  • Do you have experience? Can you handle the effects?- Hopping into this endeavor is not as easy as drinking alcohol. You know how to handle the effects as well as knowing what effects are associated with a certain strain. You never want to end up somewhere where you will experience a couch lock. If you do not have any experience, better start with a small dosage, then move up level by level.


Now that you already have knowledge regarding Indica vs Sativa, you now have an option on what strain is applicable for a certain situation. Not all strains are created equal and not all your needs are the same, you have to learn how to wise up and prepare to choose strains that are not in your comfort zone but rather you have to have an awareness and on what strains should fit the occasion as well as your needs.

However, the decision is always up to you, and whatever you choose, make sure it will supply all your needs, and best of all, is that you have to enjoy the moment.

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