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How to Plant Marijuana Seeds?

How to plant marijuana seeds will depend on where they will be growing, since each growing environment is different. The one thing that is the same for growing cannabis indoors, outdoors, in the greenhouse, in the hydroponics setup and in the sea of green is the marijuana seeds need to be germinated for the best results.

When the cannabis will be planted indoors after it is germinated, in a soil crop the seedlings should be planted in peat pots until they are large enough to be planted in larger pots and then when they have outgrown that pot they go into the large pot where they will live until they are harvested. This will require the grower to monitor the soil and the nutritional needs of the marijuana plants.

In the hydroponics crop the cannabis seedlings can be put in rockwool or other growing mediums and the grower will need to test the pH level of the nutrient solution that is directly fed to the roots. Outdoors the soil should be well draining and the nutrients monitored during the growing stages. Growers should buy marijuana seeds that are bred to grow in the environment and the order can be placed cheap, but have large potent yields.

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