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How to Make Edibles: Preparation Guide for Stoners

As the US and many other countries all over the world become more and more receptive and accepting of cannabis, we also begin to learn more about the way cannabis behaves in our system. This is the reason why we have discovered a lot of different ways to consume and enjoy cannabis and its extracts. Some would like to smoke it while others use it as an ingredient or an edible. When it comes to what and how to make edibles, there are many different techniques to incorporate edibles into your session.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles or cannabis edibles are a crowd favorite. They are simply cannabis extracts with high concentrations of compounds called cannabinoids. They are commonly incorporated in cooking as an ingredient to many different recipes. These edibles are part of a list of many different ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking it. One can also avail pre-made edibles in local dispensaries but what you may not know is that you can always make your edible at home to make your stoner sessions more fun and enjoyable.

Why Make Edibles?

There are several reasons why one would rather go for edibles instead of the usual buds. For one, edibles are very easy to make. Most edibles are readily available for purchase in dispensaries but you can always make one for yourself even with just a few items that are found in your own home.

Another great reason why edibles are becoming popular these days is that they are used in food. One good way to avoid having to smoke weed is to infuse them into the food that you eat that way you will not have to worry about the smoke or the risk of getting caught with marijuana in your hands.

Edibles are very versatile and can even be an ingredient to many different dishes. They are usually added in cookies and brownies as they are rather easy to cook and very convenient for the stoner but others infuse edibles into their dinner dishes like pasta and other main dishes so that by the time dinner is over, they can enjoy getting high together.

How To Make Edibles

In learning how to make edibles, there are certain key features that you need to understand that will affect the way edibles are made and how they affect the body. One such factor is choosing the right strain. Making the best edible for a certain situation is key to making it an ideal and fun environment. If you are looking to bake some cookies to give you some energy then a Sativa strain is often the best choice. Those who want some time alone and relax should choose an Indica heavy strain.

Another concept in understanding how to make edibles is the process called decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is a procedure where raw weed is exposed to heat so it can breakdown the cannabinoids and make them readily available for absorption by the body. This is the reason why you often light up a joint when you smoke weed and you get high while eating the raw one won’t. 

In making edibles, gather the following ingredients such as your chosen cannabis strain, butter, and water. Combine the water and butter in a saucepan over low heat. The butter will slowly melt and the weed undergoes the decarboxylation process under the low heat. Always remember to bring the mixture into a simmer and never to boil. Simmer it for at least two hours while stirring occasionally. Remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool down.

Strain the mixture using a cheesecloth to remove the weed and place the mixture into the bowl. Refrigerate the mixture or wait for it to cool down and you now have your cannabis butter. You can also leave the weed behind to add more texture into your edible. This edible can be used as an ingredient to your cookies and brownies.

If you want to make cannabis oil, use coconut oil and sunflower lecithin and mix them evenly. Simmer for at least 8 hours and stir regularly or every 30 minutes. After 8 hours, put the oil mixture and let it cool in the slow cooker. Strain the oil mixture using a cheesecloth into a bowl. Squeeze out the excess cannabis oil and pour the oil into a jar or container. You can use this cannabis oil for your main dishes or any other food.

How Much Weed Is Needed?

When it comes to using edibles, it all depends on the potency of your chosen strain however, knowing how much weed is needed in every edible you make is important to know as it is key to enjoying it. Those who do not have the right measurements will run the risk of overdosing on weed and suffer from its adverse effects. The rule of thumb is to have 10mg of THC per serving to make sure that you allow an hour or so for the weed to take effect. Ten percent is the safest and going up to 20 percent can be very strong even for seasoned users. You can always experiment on the contents of your edible and make sure to start from the lowest measurement first and work your way up.


When it comes to making edibles, it is very important to know that they take a lot of time to take effect. Most edibles take around an hour or two before its user can start to feel the effects. Consuming everything in one sitting can be very dangerous and can often lead to untoward incidents. Consuming weed is very different from smoking. While it takes longer to take effect, it is also very potent and the effects last longer than when you smoke weed.

Edibles are more discreet than smoking weed. They are highly useful for those who do not want to suffer or inhale smoke all the time. It does not draw any attention to yourself while you enjoy eating your brownie. This is why learning how to make edibles is a very important skill as you can finally enjoy weed right inside the comforts of your own home. You get high and you also feed yourself.

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