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How to Begin Marijuana Seed Germination?

Marijuana seed germination is necessary before planting indoor cannabis crops and is usually done prior to planting outdoors weed crops. First the person growing cannabis will need to buy marijuana seeds from a quality seedbank where they will get reliable seeds. Then the cannabis seeds will need to be prepared for germination.

  • Look the seeds over to make certain that all are viable seeds, no graying or cracks, to ensure they will sprout a root tail when being germinated.
  • The seeds can then be laid in between dampened paper towel sheets, which are placed in a dark warm area, like a cabinet.
  • Germinating marijuana seeds will require several days in this dark warm place, which means that it might be necessary to moisten the paper towels again. This should be done using a plant misting container. The paper towels should never be wet, whether during the day or at night, which is why using a plant misting bottle it is easy to control the amount of water. Keeping the paper towels moist, but not wet will mean that the marijuana seeds will germinate within a period of three to six days.

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