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Headband Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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The name of this indica-dominant strain comes from its potency. It can trigger mild brain fog, hence the term “Headband” – giving the head the sensation of being covered in something. The Headband is standard because it can treat a variety of minor and major health problems and induce some considerable relaxation.

Another moniker for this strain is “Sour Kush,” as it was formed by crossing two dominant strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The intense cerebral effects exert visible pressure across the temples, resulting in a soft yet stable peak.It is noted to be a more potent strain than the average, capable of producing a variety of but friendly effects even at low doses.

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Headband Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
Genetics Parents: OG Kush mixed with Sour Diesel
Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks
Climate: Away from frost, lots of sunlight and sheltered in wet climates
Yield: 18 oz/m2 (indoors) 21 oz/plant (outdoors)
Flavors: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent, Lemon
THC Level: 20% – 27%
CBD Level: 0.07%-0.2%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Headband Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

The results of this Indica strain are what render it a classic. It has been characterized as having the effect of “being wrapped in a warm and fuzzy blanket,” stressing its intense soothing properties. The Headband is certainly superb at relieving fatigue, aches, and pains, as well as helping you feel enlightened.

The strain produces a feeling around your head that mimics wearing a headband, hence the strain’s name. Its high is expected to last from 2-3 hours, and its symptoms differ and escalate with increased consumption. Headband’s euphoria is unique in that it makes your head feel as if it’s floating in the air while simultaneously being relaxing and soothing.

When you smoke Headband, you can experience an increase in imagination and the urge to generate some inspired ideas. This uplifting effect makes Headband a strain that any cannabis enthusiast must try at least once.

The Headband’s scent is very similar to the flavors. Its soft, aromatic scent is unmistakably lemony. The fragrance of this strain is highly fragrant and obvious, and it permeates the whole room. A faint diesel undertone can linger in the air, along with a shock of earthiness.

This strain is unique in terms of taste. Though Headband is well-known for its sweet lemon taste, its creamy undertone sets it apart from the competition. When smoked, it imparts a tart but earthy flavor to the lips, with a touch of fresh lavender.

What are the Medical Benefits of Headband Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

When used medicinally, the Headband is quite a versatile aid. This strain has been commonly prescribed to treat a variety of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD, due to its potential to calm the patient without leaving them sleepy.

This Indica strain is an excellent stress reliever, one of the primary reasons Headband is prescribed. The strain is aptly called “Headband” because it is claimed to be suitable for treating chronic headaches and migraines.

The Headband is also an excellent sleep aid due to its maximum effectiveness as a tranquilizer and relaxant. It can help you forget about your daily stresses and enter a deeper state of calm, allowing you to get a decent night’s sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Headband Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Due to the high Indica content, Headband can induce a state of couchlock, particularly when consumed in large quantities. This can sometimes cause you to feel somewhat paralyzed and unable to move, resulting in mild paranoia.

Headband will sometimes cause dizziness, which is familiar with Indica strains. At times, using this strain can make you feel dehydrated. It may trigger a dry mouth sensation that is followed by a feeling of dry eyes.

How to Grow Headband Autoflower Marijuana Strain

This strain is relatively simple to grow for both beginner and advanced growers. The Headband is a plant that can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and thrives under the right conditions.

This plant thrives in a sunny, mild atmosphere and must be protected from excessive rain if left in wet climates. To maintain this tree’s optimal fitness, careful attention must be paid to the humidity levels in its atmosphere and the absence of frost.

When grown indoors, Headband takes approximately 9 to 10 weeks to bloom under ideal conditions. It can contain an approximate average of 18 ounces per square meter during harvest.

When grown outdoors, the strain can produce an average of 21 ounces per plant. Harvesting this indica strain is usually best in the middle of October.

3 reviews for Headband Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Adie Francisco

    You can tell MaryJanes Garden puts a lot of care into their seeds. The quality shines through in every harvest.

  2. Alisson Rhyne

    well, as usual. The quality is consistently excellent!

  3. Michael Santana

    This is such an unbelievable strain for me. This strain lets me focus well and the energy it brought to me – made me such a very hype person! Feels so good. I want more. The aromatic scent and flavor, unquestionably lemony, a sweet lemony taste! Can’t beat the yield that Headband can produce.Hell yeah!!! I am very glad because I got 19 ounces per plant. I cultivated this perfectly, very easy to grow. I put some effort to get the perfect plant that I ever wished for, and surprisingly it went well as I’ve expected!! Great job MJG!

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