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Mold and Fungus Growth On Marijuana Plants

Aside from pest infestations, mold growth becomes one of the problems of many weed growers. Prevent marijuana mold growth to have a healthier marijuana plants. Growth of molds has been a recurrent problem in marijuana indoor growing and even outdoors. This serious problem should not be taken lightly. In just a few weeks or a couple of months, mold can ruin your outdoor garden or indoor grow room. The best way to do is to prevent its growth. When marijuana is already infected with molds, there is no cure for it. What you can do is to remove the infected parts.

Mold growth in a cannabis plant will appear as dark green spots, black spots and commonly grayish in color. It also gives out a stale and unpleasant smell. Molds sometimes are difficult to detect. Try to use a black light. Many growers are using this to identify mold on the marijuana plant. Molds can infect any part of the plant, on the leaves, stem, roots and buds. Prevent marijuana mold growth or else, you will end up losing your invested time and money on your growing venture.

Preventing Mold

Mold and Marijuana Plants. How to stop mold grom forming.

To prevent marijuana mold growth, maintain the proper temperature and humidity level in the grow room. Watering the plants plays an important role to prevent marijuana mold growth. Do not over-water the cannabis plants. Remove any decaying materials surrounding the plant. If you see any signs of mold growth in the buds or leaves, remove it immediately as soon as detected. If mold is seen in stems and many areas of the plant, remove the whole marijuana plant to prevent spreading of molds in garden. Wear gloves while removing molds. Fungicides can also be applied to the infected plant. The chemicals from this fungicide will prevent the further spreading of molds and its spores. For indoor growing, do not use carpets on the floor. This will give the molds a favorable condition for them to thrive. Always keep the floor dry and clean because molds love to grow in moist and dark areas.

Prevent marijuana mold growth by maintaining the moisture level of the cannabis. Ideal level of moisture is about 10%-15% for the harvested weeds. After harvesting marijuana, allow enough drying time for the buds. Different sizes of buds will require different drying time. Make sure to complete the drying time before putting the buds in jars for storage. Use jars with airtight lids to prevent marijuana mold growth. If there is still a high level of moisture present in the buds the time you put it inside the jars, you are giving the molds a nice place to grow and multiply. During marijuana curing, allow the right airflow by opening the jars every 12-24 hours.

Do not let these molds eat up your cannabis while you are growing, curing, drying or storing them. Prevent marijuana mold growth to produce healthier buds. Preventing mold growth is always better because there is no cure when these molds are already attached to your cannabis plants. Remove the infected parts to stop further growth.

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