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Legality of Cannabis Industry

The debate regarding the standing and legality of cannabis continues to gain momentum. Personal anecdotes combined with academic and scientific reports combine to sharpen some of the fascinating philosophical issues associated with cannabis use. A frank, professionally informed and playful discussion of cannabis usage in relation to philosophical inquiry considers the meaning of a ‘high’, the morality of smoking marijuana for pleasure, the slippery slope to more dangerous drugs, and the human drive to alter our consciousness.

Not only incorporates contributions from philosophers, psychologists, sociologists or legal, pharmacological, and medical experts, but also non-academics associated with the cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis. Brings together an international team of writers from the United States, Canada, UK, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, and New Zealand Growing cannabis indoors is one of the choices the grower has and one that can mean growing year round cannabis crops. This is one of the advantages, but there are some choices that will need to be made to grow inside.

The decisions that the indoor cannabis grower will need to make include what room they will use that is going to be dedicated to just the cannabis plants. This will be a room that will need the walls painted, the carpet possibly taken up and other things done, before a cannabis crop can be planted. Then there will need to be special lighting, there will need to be access to heat and ventilation. This will also need to be a room that is not in the main traffic of the house where the windows can be blocked off. The setup for the cannabis plants is important, so they grow properly.

The scientists, whose latest findings on the compounds are published in the scientific journal Seizure, believe they work by interfering with the signals that cause the brain to become hyper-excitable, which leads to epileptic seizures. Until now the main medicinal use that has been explored for cannabis has been in treating Multiple Sclerosis and for pain relief in cancer patients. GW Pharmaceuticals has been given a license to grow around 20 tones of cannabis a year at its facilities in a rural part of southern England for medicinal research. In each glasshouse the temperature is carefully maintained at 77 degrees F while the crops are protected by electric fences and 24 hour security.

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