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The Legality Aspect of Cannabis Industry

There are a lot of ongoing speculations roaming around the internet world about Cannabis effects and its effect on health. Many individuals care about this matter since it is an emerging product in the market with one of the highest demand. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of claims that seems to be very convincing that Marijuana or Cannabis plants has a negative impact on someone’s mental and physical well being. Indeed, there were talks and serious talks even on the first half of 20th century wherein there were a propaganda prohibiting the commercialization of Hemp or Marijuana in different states since it promotes addiction and it is being misunderstood in different countries.

Actually, marking the 1928 decade, Marijuana plants has been prohibited and provoked illegal because of its proven negative effects. Indeed, there are many people who agreed that Cannabis has negative health impact, But actually, different people suffers and experienced indifferent situations. You cannot always compare from one story to another. You must also consider the number of dosage you intake, what kind of Marijuana have you used, the duration of addiction to the drug and the personal well being state of a person. A lot of researches and experiments that proves, that Cannabis plants can severely affect the neurological state of a person.

In the later stage of a person who used and consume relative amount of marijuana plants, there were instances that they suffer from a severe psychotic diseases. The researches and scientific studies of Bristol and Cardiff Universities states that almost forty-percent of users suffer from psychotic illness compare to non users which showcased the possible effects of Marijuana when consumed too much. There are also people who contradicted this study. They argue that if cannabis is the reason behind the mental illnesses then the number of people with mental health conditions would have amplified dramatically over the past 30 years, while the percentage of people with schizophrenia has remained generally the same.

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