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What is Cannabis Sativa, Resin, Herb & Bud

Cannabis is derived from the plant called Cannabis Sativa, which is grown all round the world. The Cannabis plant can also be grown in the UK; people trying to grow this plant in the UK on a commercial basis unfortunately hit problems as it requires specialist equipment and plenty of light and warmth. Cannabis comes in a few different forms those being resin, dried herbs and liquid; in the UK it is mainly resin.

A block of Cannabis is formed from the resin which is extracted from the buds and flowers of the Cannabis plant. Cannabis resin comes from various sources but mainly from Morocco and Lebanon, it is usually hard and brittle from these countries and soft textured from the likes of Pakistan. Resin arrives in this country in different strengths, some being below average potency. Resin has acquired various different names some due to the strength, like Skunk, others due to people’s preferences. Most common names are Blow, Wacky Becky, Ganja, Dope, Hash or Hashish, Grass, Pot and many more. The other two forms of Cannabis which have been mentioned are dried herbs which are dried leaves and buds of the Cannabis plant. The liquid (oil) which is uncommon is prepared from the resin. Cannabis can be smoked a number of different ways, it can also be eaten.

Cannabis Plants Overview

What is Cannabis Sativa, Resin, Herb & Bud

Firstly smoking Cannabis, this is done by making a joint (hand rolled cigarette), depending on what cigarette papers are used a joint is usually made up of three standard paper, two joined together and one stuck at the back. Tobacco is then placed along the length of the joint, the Cannabis is then added. Cannabis is usually in the form of a block of resin and needs to be warmed so it becomes brittle and can then be broken down into small particles which are spread evenly along the joint; the papers are then rolled to form a cigarette.

One end of the cigarette is twisted a round to seal the end, then a roach would be added to the other end to compact the tobacco and Cannabis inside the joint. A roach is a small piece of rolled up thin card, possibly part of the packaging of the Rizal papers. The joints are this size as usually they are shared between a few people. The person smoking the joint would take a large inhale of the smoke and hold it in the lungs for as long as possible to enable the smoke to travel round the body in the blood stream like oxygen does, eventually reaching the brain giving them the high.

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