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Planting Pot seeds and Growing Stages

Planting pot seeds there are going to be growing stages that the cannabis plants will go through. Two of the main stages are the vegetative stage and the flowering stage the grower will get to look forward too after planting pot seeds.

Vegetative stage for cannabis plants there are some things they will need like nitrogen, which when planting pot seeds in plant food enhanced soil the nitrogen level will usually be sufficient. This vegetative stage is when the cannabis plant grows stronger and should have at least 4 to 6 leave branches before allowing it to enter the flowering stage.

The flowering stage is a part of the growing stage of the cannabis plants growth and is when all the hard work the grower has put into the plants can be seen. This is also when it will be necessary to have the lights on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours so the weed gets the right amount of light. These stages are different for each strain, because when the grower places an order to buy a specific strain it will have an amount of weeks till flowering. Planting pot seeds indoors or outdoors can be found cheap to buy.

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