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Growing Canadian Marijuana Seeds in Central Canada

As the climate can vary from northern or southern areas of Canada as compared to central areas of the country, it is essential to know the specific types of marijuana seeds that will produce the highest yield before growing in central Canada. This is simply because there are specific strains of cannabis seeds that work best for centralized areas of Canada.

What is beneficial for people living in central Canada is although this area is just as chilly as northern areas of the country, when you buy strains that are mixed with both indica and sativa these can also be planted.

There are several marijuana seed choices that will produce weed that has flavors that range from the mildest of flavors to those producing marijuana that will put off a spicy kick.

A few of the best choices in marijuana seeds that should be used for growing outside gardens in central Canada include Early Misty, Dutch Dope, Northern Light Feminized, Purple Power, and White Widow. The flowering period that can be expected for these strains ranges between 8 and 11 weeks. While the high gained from the Super Nova is more relaxing, you will find the high of the White Widow is much stronger and sharper.

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