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Climate Conditions When Growing Canadian Marijuana Seeds Outdoors

Before you decide to order Canadian marijuana seeds from a site on the Internet for growing weed outdoors or you buy cannabis seeds from a local supplier, there is one very important factor that you will want to keep in mind. The specific part of Canada that you plan to begin growing marijuana is used to determine to specific types of strains of weed that will produce the highest yield for your area.

For the best results that will provide you with a high yield, you will want to select strains of marijuana seeds that have genetics that are acclimatized to the specific region you plan to do your planting. This is simply because there are certain types of marijuana seeds that will supply the highest yield when they are planted in northern parts of Canada. There are others that do better in the southern parts, and still others that work best in central Canada.

Northern Light regular and feminized strains are a couple that do great in northern Canada. White Queen regular and feminized marijuana seeds do best in southern Canada. Then there are also cannabis strains like Super Nova and Early Misty produce higher yields in central Canada.

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