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Planting Pot Seeds and Fertilization Needs

Planting pot seeds will mean that fertilization will be necessary when growing healthy cannabis plants. There are two types of fertilizer for cannabis plants and these are chemical based ones and organic. The chemical based plant food can be as simple as an all purpose plant food found in the store. There are others that some of the expert growers use likes mulch, blood meal and bone meal, seaweed, dolomite lime and even Epsom salts. The soil will also need to be tested to know if there are any nutrients missing.

When growing a cannabis crop the first thing that the grower will do is to order planting pot seeds, then when they buy the seeds the next thing that should be purchased, whether the seeds are planted indoors or outdoors is fertilizer. This will ensure that the cheap planting pot seeds will grow healthy and have a bountiful harvest.

This is what the growing of a cannabis crop is all about, getting a high yield of potent weed to smoke and with the right amount of fertilizer used on when planting pot seeds it is possible. This is food for the cannabis plants to help them grow to their fullest potential.

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