Frequently Asked Questions For Ordering

Attention all International orders.

All international orders are not covered by the germination guarantee. Before placing your order, please ensure the email address provided is current and accessible.

Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping for any package reshipments. Taxes & Fees may be required during pick up or delivery, some countries require brokers to clear package (submit to your local customs).

Minimum of 20 Seeds and $200 Item total on Cart required to Order.

We are the fastest shippers of marijuana seeds in the world.

Orders processed before 14:00 CET (Central European Time) (8:00 AM EST U.S.A.) are shipped            same day Shipping is 1 to 3 weeks for orders outside Europe (U.S.A, Canada, Australia) and 1            week inside Europe

Is it legal to order cannabis seeds online?.

Yes, we are a licensed business with 5 employees and pay taxes on our income. We have a 90%            delivery rate to all countries in the world. Always check your local laws.

Where are we located?

We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Do you ship anywhere?

Yes, we ship worldwide. You can check your local laws about being shipped seeds. We have a            delivery success rate of 90% since 2003.

Can I order weed or hashish?

No, it is not legal to send weed or hashish through the mail.

What will a package look like when I receive it?

Your order will be a regular sized envelope that has bubble packaging inside to protect your seeds. It will be put directly into your mailbox. Only your name will appear on the envelope with no reference to the contents.

Do you have to use your real name when ordering?

No, you can choose your real name or choose any name you like printed on your envelope for privacy when we ship it to you. The correct name on your credit card is required for the payment.

When I place an order can I pay by cash? Can I wire the payment to our bank?

Yes, it is possible to pay by cash, but it must be sent by registered mail. When ordering through our system select payment option as cash and an email will be sent with the instructions how to send cash as a payment. The address will also be provided to your email. It is suggested to wrap the cash in printer paper or a greeting card and the order number will be necessary to include.

Don’t forget to mention your order number if you send us cash!

We don’t do wire transfer but we accept other payment methods which are faster. Please contact us for the options or you can order direct in our website and our payment options will be shown in the checkout page.

Is it possible to contact the company?

Yes, you can contact us using the (Contact Us) page. Please read all of the commonly asked questions before sending an email as most of the questions are answered for you already. You can also call us using the phone number that we publish in our website.

Can I order a catalog?

We do not have a catalog as we are always getting new strains and inventory for our new and previous customers.

Does your company have a shop I can visit?

No, we do not have a retail store. We have our online webshop for our customers for over 8 years.

Who Owns the Company?

We are a group of cannabis professionals that believe everyone should have access to the strains that we have access to. We collect and breed marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. We are pleased to have the experience that has kept our customers pleased worldwide with the exceptional services we offer.

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