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Ultimate Guide to Drying Cannabis the Proper Way

Every cultivator must be aware of various post-planting techniques that could enhance the quality of their cannabis plants. Sometimes, newbies failed to hold the techniques, making them taste the medicine of disastrous cultivation. Because you are yielding well, it doesn’t automatically mean it will produce the premium-ness you are expecting.

One of the most sought-after guidelines, perhaps, is drying Cannabis the proper way. Drying Cannabis is one vital process to reconsider, making it accessible among methods. Usually, drying partners with curing, but not every grower proceeds to the latter. 

To have the best outcome possible, it is vital to know how to dry your Cannabis. In this article, we will be serving you the ultimate guide in drying marijuana plants the right way.

Everything you need to know about Drying Cannabis

Drying Cannabis surely isn’t a phase. Instead, a necessity that every cultivator should be involved in, if they wish to maintain and value quality over quantity. The undeniable importance of the mentioned step should circulate among growers, especially since it is susceptible to extreme failure.

For a definition, the drying process is a method that will preserve the outstanding properties of the Cannabis, all while the original flavors remain. It’s not uncommon that the flowers of cannabis plants consist of active components containing a lot of remarkable constituents, and some are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 

After the harvesting course, you will notice that the Cannabis will come out the green in its color, indicating that most of its chemical components are inactive. To turn the tables around, the drying process will have to occur. Also, like any other practice, there will be factors that might affect its condition. One of the leading depending stances is the environment where dried Cannabis will rest.

After drying, the best step to take is the curing process. Though it’s not as essential as drying, it will be valuable to cultivators who will be putting their works in the market, since it enhances flavor and aroma. In technical definition, curing is a way to let the chlorophyll rot, and doing so will result in more potent cannabis.

The most common mistakes in Drying Cannabis

Let’s say you went past all the information that should be enough to conduct the drying process. But, it should be a must to ensure that you will take it easy. The process should be done with patience and perseverance. Without the traits, you will most likely commit the greatest mistake in the field of growing Cannabis. 

Understandably, you went through dilated timeframes to harvest the results of your hard works finally. You probably waited more than what others experienced, and it’s beyond comprehension that you will feel giddy and excited to get it over with and put an end to it as soon as possible.

But, the truth is, drying Cannabis should not be a swift method. As mentioned before, it’s not a phase. It’s more than that. It’s a tedious development that will need the sustainable approach of extensive waiting. In this way, you can assure that you will get the best out of your persistence in cultivating.

Essential Things to Consider in Drying Cannabis

Before we go right into the steps and procedures, there are things to consider before drying Cannabis. There will be guides that will be straightforward to you and might fail to inform you of things you should familiarize yourself with as you dive into the accurate methods. These are the notable things you should keep in mind:

  • There are other ways to dry marijuana plants, which means this isn’t the only known procedure. Doing a trial and error in which is the most effective is highly advisable, but, the simplest, the better.
  • It would be best if you did not wait further after the harvesting season. Cutting down your plant is an automatic indication that you will move to the drying.
  • Be patient with the time frame of drying cannabis. But at the same time, you shouldn’t be too slow at doing so, or else, mold is more likely to prosper. There are times that growers use microwaves and other things to speed up the process, which is acceptable. But, the ending will result in pure ruins.
  • The lighting the cannabis will receive is a matter of preference. The darker it is, the more influence it will conceive. Regardless, it is your decision to make.

The things to consider should be applicable in all techniques that you will be using to refrain from redoing it all over again and putting all your efforts into waste. Nonetheless, now that we already know the necessities, we should head out to the primary purpose of this article, the steps, procedures, and guidelines.

Drying Cannabis, the Proper Way

If you call yourself an avid cannabis grower, get in and endure the do’s and don’ts, along with precision-needed steps. Get in; we’re in the road to be the top grower of cannabis plant! Here is the step by step procedures that will assist you throughout your journey:

First Step: Trim the Stems after Harvesting the Cannabis Plant

By taking out the buff leaves, the next thing to do is to trim the bigger ones. Any kind of scissors is advisable, as long as it will not be harming the plant.

Second Step: Sling the cannabis buds in an upside-down manner

In this step, it is better to do it in a dark room with an approximately minimum of 3 days while the maximum is a week. But, the typical number day is around five days. Note that any place is enough, as long as it fits the description. For better outcome, follow the following tips:

  • The room’s ideal condition is at 23 degrees Celsius, with half levels of humidity. Therefore, in this case, it is wise to use a humidity device to monitor humidity.
  • Add space in between branches for better airflow.
  • The best result of drying cannabis is when the buds are exhibiting crispiness.    Pressing the buds are one way to know, but observe extra gentleness.
  • Over-drying the buds are more advisable than under-drying them.

Third Step (If you will be proceeding to the curing process): Do the trimming again

The buds will then have to be detached from the stems, which should not be consumed. Trim the sugar leaves until there are only flowers left.

Fourth Step: Store and Secure the buds in any tight-air container.

To go through the curing process, it is best to place the buds in a mason jar. As much as possible, keep away from using plastic bags. Though you should ensure the tight-air feature, make sure that the buds have rooms to breathe.

If you would like to continue the curing method, it is best to browse the complete details. But, the last two steps above will only serve as a preparing course to undergo curing. Now that you know all you should know about drying cannabis the proper way, make sure you know other steps in optimal plantings too.

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