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Discount Pot Seeds

An advantage of purchasing in Mary Jane’s Garden is that our products’ prices are low because they have discounts. Our marijuana seeds are cheap and shipping is also discounted, while we offer delivery in all provinces, cities, and countries. We send this through mail order for safety and privacy of the delivery. If you want to know the prices of our different strain types, look over the pictures in this website to review them. You can also start a chat with the customer support available in the website for you to familiarize our prices more.

Buy Discount Pot Seeds

How are our discounts compared to other online shops?

Being a trusted dealer of pot seeds for eight years now, our seeds in stock are stored properly as we want to ensure that the marijuana grown produces large resin-covered buds and that the strains are from F1 plants. Other online shops give you different kinds of offer, like offering the cheapest bulk of cannabis seeds possible. However, keep in mind that you should not only look for seed banks with discounts, if you like to be satisfied as a costumer. Read some reviews about the online shop and see the positive and negative feedbacks.
With good past reviews, Mary Jane’s Garden can attest that it has proven itself to be one of the world’s leading seedbanks for marijuana growers. Compared to other online seedbanks, Mary Jane’s garden offers weed that are reasonably priced, but with guaranteed quality.

What makes our discount pot seeds better than other online stores?

While we take pride on the good quality of our products for sale in inexpensive price, we also offer one of the best delivery services to our costumers. Unlike other online stores, we deliver faster and we deliver anywhere in the world, even in USA and Canada. We send them only as mail orders for safety delivery purposes. Not only that, we try to give the best offers as for every order, costumers are given 20 free premium seeds. Also, if you’re looking for free samples, you can receive some, when you place your online order.

With the pot seeds’ delivery discounted and fast, is the delivery safe?

Yes, as we deliver them as mail order and to ensure safety, the packages are put directly in your mailbox and with no reference to the contents. The products are put inside in a regular sized envelop with bubble packaging inside it for the seeds’ protection. One thing you should know about choosing online marijuana seedbanks is not only in looking for quality pot seeds, but that they ensure that you get the package sent to you. Our delivery success rate since 2003 is, in fact, 99%, so we guarantee that you will receive the order you placed. We accept payments through credit card, where there is no reference to the company’s name and the ordered product on your credit card statement for your own privacy. Cash payment is also accepted, but you will be given instructions in how to do this.

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