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Cloning Marijuana Plants – How To Clone Weed

Cloning Cannabis Plants

Cloning is an excellent way to reproduce the same strain of marijuana plant. All cuttings for cloning are obtained from the mother plant.  The process is not difficult to do but it requires careful attention to maintain the health of the mother plant. There are some qualities that you should look for in a mother plant before cloning cannabis plants. It should be of high quality, potent, fast to grow and has no pests, fungi or any diseases. This is to avoid further contamination to the cloned ones.

Cloning cannabis plants offers benefits, especially for those people who do not want to go through the process of waiting for the marijuana seeds to sprout and transferring them to soil, pots or in a grow room set up. With cloning, grow time is hasten. To start cloning cannabis plants, gather all the necessary tools needed. The mother plant is kept in a vegetative growth for 16 hours light with the use of metal halide as the lighting source. The area for cloning cannabis plants should be set up first. Thereafter, the cuttings from the mother marijuana plant can be obtained. A sterilized razor blade or a sharp scissor is used to make the cuttings. The cuttings should be about 6-8 inches tall.

Cloning Marijuana Plants

How To Clone Weed

In cloning cannabis plants, process is easier and more successful if rock wool is used as a medium. After the cuttings are made, the rock wool should be kept wet for the entire 1-2 weeks. Take note that applying a small amount of hormone is needed to make the root stick into the rock wool. Upon seeing the roots of marijuana popping into the bottom of the rock wool cubes, cloning is successful. Cloning cannabis plants can be done using the medium of your choice. Aside from rock wool, other mediums used are water, soil, coco coir and perlite. For the rooting hormone, dissolved aspirin or a boiled willow bark will do. 

In cloning cannabis plants, a humid and warm environment is required for the clones to root well in the medium used. The stems should be kept moist in order to survive. For the lighting, a cfl or cool white fluorescent light is utilized to stimulate effectively the growth of the clones. Expect two to four weeks for the roots to develop if clones are given with proper care. When clones are rooted well, they are now ready to be transplanted either in soil or in a hydro set up.

Cloning cannabis plants undeniably offers benefits because it can save time and money. This is because growers do not need to buy seeds every planting season. Another great advantage is that, the genetics of a preferred female marijuana plant can be preserved. The harvest of buds will happen sooner than planting from seeds and waiting for them to be fully-grown. This is also a way of ensuring that only female cannabis plants are grown and only a few male is produced, if there is any. Whether the grow set up is indoor or outdoor, cloning cannabis plants will significantly develop the efficiency of your growing area and it is a wonderful way of preserving your favored marijuana plant.

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