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Chronic Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Chronic Widow Strain is a mostly Indica strain. This cannabis promises a long list of high-octane effects that will render its consumers immobilized. Starting with a cerebral buzz that sends the spirits high up in the air, it then returns to Earth with a deep body buzz. A cheerful and comfortable disposition begins to emerge, and you are left grinning for several hours. Almost immediately, the sedative properties of this Indica-leaning plant take over, bringing about the relaxing effects. When you purchase cannabis seeds of the Chronic Widow strain from Mary Jane’s Garden, we promise that they will be of the highest quality available. Our organization is committed to providing you with cannabis seeds that have a high germination rate and are of the highest quality. We deliver your Chronic Widow seeds discretely and safely to your doorstep.

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What is Chronic Widow Strain?

Chronic Widow Strain seeds have distinct genetics. Chronic, a legendary prize-winning cultivar from the mid-1990s, is one of its parents. The other strain in the lineage of Chronic Widow feminized seeds is the predominantly Indica White Widow, which is a descendant of Brazilian Indica and South Indian sativa landraces. Comparable to Chronic, the extraordinary herb has earned awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup. This delectable strain produces a euphoric, spaced-out high. With extraordinarily high THC content, a one puff will have you completely stoned. These cannabis seeds produce a breed of cannabis with a smooth, spicy flavor. It blooms rapidly and gives exceptionally abundant produce. This strain is 65 percent Indica and 35 percent sativa. It is typically used for recreational purposes, but it also possesses viable healing qualities. The strain is powerful, with THC levels averaging 17-23%, so please exercise caution and use in moderation. Users should begin with a modest dose and gradually increase it as they become accustomed to the effects. According to numerous smokers, consuming excessive amounts of fem Chronic Widow seeds might result in mild headaches, dizziness, elevated anxiety, and mild paranoia. You can avoid these side effects by smoking sensibly.


This enticing strain emits a pleasant earthy aroma with hints of spice and honey. The delicate whirl of sweet nectar and fiery, spicy undertones will please your nose.


Chronic Widow Strain has a robust flavor with a dash of spice. It is typically incredibly smooth and beautiful. This plant produces buds and leaves that are ideal for manufacturing cannabis-infused spreads and other delicacies.


These Cannabis seeds grow vigorous, tall, and extremely rigid cannabis plants. Depending on environmental circumstances and cultivation methods, mature plants can reach heights between 3 and 6.5 feet.

Strain Profile

Strain Parents: Chronic x White Widow
Strain Dominant: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.6%
THC Content: 23%
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks

Chronic Widow Strain Growing Information

With the appropriate care, expert cultivators may produce lush plants with enormous forest-green buds. Up to 25 ounces per plant can be harvested from the trichome-covered, orange-haired buds produced by female Chronic Widow Strain seeds. If outdoor production is not possible in your region, cultivate cannabis seeds indoors in a controlled setting, such as a greenhouse. Maintain a temperature between 70°F and 80°F. During the vegetative phase, the optimal relative humidity range is 40–50%. Reduce the setting by 10% during the flowering phase. When cultivating Chronic Widow feminized cannabis seeds indoors, the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique yields the best results. This training method reduces the height of your mature plants to approximately three feet and improves the quantity and quality of your yield. When growing marijuana seeds inside, either soil or hydroponics can be utilized. Numerous cultivators like the latter approach since it requires less area and generates a higher yield.

Chronic Widow Strain Medical Benefits

Chronic Widow strain fem, a natural analgesic renowned for its healing properties, is a diverse pharmacological alternative. It is considered to be exceptional in calming numerous physical and emotional health difficulties. Both the White Widow and Chronic cannabis strains are well-known for their therapeutic and recreational benefits. When the two strains are combined, these great characteristics are strengthened. The strong strain is undeniably a pain reliever and aids those with chronic diseases such as tension, stress, sleep deprivation, and other mental health problems. Those who are battling anxiety, depression, and stress will quickly realize how tremendously beneficial this strain can be. Chronic Widow Woman ensures either a speedy knockdown or a lengthy, twisting path to a hypnotic state due to its high Indica concentration. The sedative effects are proportional to the amount consumed. As a potent sedative, it may be useful for preventing sleep deprivation. A puff will provide relief from the throbbing discomfort caused by joint inflammation, headaches, and eye pressure.

Final Thoughts

Chronic Widow Strain Feminized seeds yield buds that are uniquely satisfying to recreational and medical marijuana consumers. Tokers encounter both mental and physical sensations. The plant energizes and uplifts its consumers, making them happy for hours. The impact is not immediate, but sneaks up on you. You experience a tingling in your mind before ecstasy displaces any negative ideas with happiness. If you would like to purchase Chronic Widow feminized seeds in bulk, please visit our wholesale website for incredible bulk purchase discounts. Available to all customers who have been confirmed. Our Chronic Widow feminized seeds for sale are identical for both retail and wholesale clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chronic Widow strain Indica or Sativa?

Chronic Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong THC (23%) and CBD levels that produce a potent energizing effect.

Can a beginner grow this strain?

Chronic Widow seeds produce crops that are naturally tall, and their cultivation requires some grooming expertise. When the buds get heavy, in addition to topping and pruning, it is required to stake, cage, and tie the branches. As you take on the task of cultivating the seeds, it is possible for a novice grower to learn the ropes and develop the necessary abilities.

Is Chronic Widow a good Strain?

It is unquestionably a versatile strain, relieving sadness, lack of motivation, anxiety, and tension. It can help alleviate a lack of appetite by inducing hunger and elevating mood.


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