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What are the Different Cannabis Flowering Stages?

Growing cannabis is a fun and rewarding experience, according to most cannabis cultivators. Cannabis plants are versatile so they can be grown easily in different environments. But growing cannabis can only be fun and rewarding if you know the right thing to do.

Cannabis, like any other plant, undergoes a growth cycle. The growth cycle of a regular cannabis plant undergoes different cannabis flowering stages. These stages are essential for the plant to grow healthy. In general, each stage of the plant’s growth cycle is essential for it to survive and produce top quality yield. 

What are the Stages of the Cannabis Growth Cycle?

As we all know, any plant has a growth cycle, and cannabis; it’s the same with cannabis. This plant undergoes different stages of the growth cycle.

The Germination Stage (5-10 days)

This is the first stage of the life of a cannabis plant. This is the sage where you plant the seed. In this stage, the plant is dependent on its surrounding environment like 

The Seedling Stage (2-3 weeks)

This is the stage when your plants grow small leaves. The sprout usually promotes leaves with only one rigid blade, and they are considered seedlings until they begin to grow more leaves.

Vegetative Stage (3-16)

This is the stage where the growth of the plant takes off. In this stage, the cannabis plant receives less than 12 hours of light. 

The Flowering Stage

This is the last stage of the cannabis plant cycle. This happens when the plant receives less than 12 hours of light a day. In this stage, the plant is now able to produce buds. You can also determine the sex of the plant in this stage.

Each stage is very vital for the plant’s growth. During each stage, the cannabis plant requires different exposure from light and needs extra attention. Among the stages of growth, the flowering stage has several sub-stages that is very important for you to achieve healthier buds.

What are the Different Cannabis Flowering Stages?

The Flowering Stage in a cannabis plant growth cycle is one of the most awaited stages, especially by growers. In this stage, the buds are produced and are ready for harvest. The flowering stage has different sub-stages. Here is the flowering stages week by week. 

Week 1-3

The Flowering Stretch. This is the stage where the plant gets 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day. In this stage, the plants have grown strong and resilient, and they can recover from any stress caused by the environment. The plant also starts to divert the energy from the vegetative stage to produce buds. For most cannabis growers, in this stage, the plant still needs the nutrients during the vegetative stage, especially nitrogen. You can also see single leaves growing with white pistils indicating the production of new buds.

Week 3-4

The Formation of small buds. This is the second leg of the cannabis flowering stage, and this is where you check your plants for any deficiency. Check the leaves as it is the best indicator if your plant is suffering for any kind of nutrient deficiency or any other type of nutrient toxicity like a nutrient burn, which happens when the plant gets too much nutrient. If the plant is suffering from any kind of sickness, you can check on the leaves. If you notice that it turns yellowish or it is yellowish, then there may be something wrong about your plant, and you have to do something about it.

Week 4-6

The Fattening of the Buds. This is the part of the flowering stage where the fattening of the bid happens. This happens quickly, and pistils are becoming visible. Minimal training can still be done in this phase since your plant has already grown some buds. Make sure that you provide the right amount of nutrients. Not too little and not too much. Water your plant regularly but do not overwater them. Your plant needs water in this stage since transpiration will be taking place at a high rate.

Week 6-8

The Ripening of the Buds. This is the phase when the buds begin to ripen. In this phase, you will notice that there are buds that are formed below or at the sides of existing buds, and this is called “foxtailing”. This the time when the buds grow the largest. Note that you should not provide any nutrients that promote vegetative growth because this will not be used, and it can be counterproductive.

Week 8 Onwards

The End of the Flowering Stage. This happens or falls on the exact week where you will be harvest the plant depending on the strain that you have planted. Usually, the harvest period lasts for one week. At the end of the flowering stage, you will notice that the pistils change their color, which is also an indicator if your plant is ready for harvest. It will turn into milky as it increases its THC. You must take extra care of your plant in this period because they are extra sensitive to the environment around them. Make sure that they have good airflow, they are hydrated and exposed to the right moisture. Note that some bids may be bigger than the others, and it is normal. You can provide support for bigger buds.

The flowering stage is the last phase in growing cannabis, and this is where the important growing activities happen. Each stage is as important as the other stages as this where the buds are developed for harvest.  

Knowing the different cannabis flowering stages is very helpful if you want to produce high-quality buds. This will give you the proper knowledge on how to deal with your cannabis plants as they go to the process week by week. To be able to know what to do is very helpful if you are a cannabis grower. If you know what to do to take care of your plant, then cannabis cultivation will indeed be a fun and rewarding experience for you.

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