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Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Cup Seeds Winners Marijuana SeedsThe cannabis Industry is a very interesting market since, it is a million dollar industry and many people earn from this market. Many people of different cultures and social 
status are fond of incorporating this with their leisure activity.

Annually, there is an 
event called Cannabis Cup wherein there are judges who vote for the outstanding hybrid result of Marijuana seeds strains. Cannabis Cup Winners Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds is a very prominent contest in the whole wide world. The Cannabis Cup is considered to be the world’s most prominent Cannabis festival. It was inauguratedby Steven Hager in 1987. The cannabis cup is held every year.

The annual affair let its judges who are from around the globe to see and taste the samples and take part in the election for their favorite cannabis seeds strains. They set criteria and out of it, they judge who the winner in the Marijuana strain contest. They select critically the best among the rest in terms of new product innovation and development, excellent booth, top glass, finest hash and paramount Nederhash . A team judges is created to make a decision which marijuana seed company has the best marijuana strain. Aside from the marijuana displays, samples, and exhibits, the Cannabis Cup also dominates the stage with live bands, entertainment, and other exhibits of other cannabis-related products from different marijuana companies.

During the 6th Cannabis Cup, Hager decided to put some spiritual meaning to the festival by making 4:20 as the most special moment during the festival. 

A lot of the marijuana strains present in the cup are from the different sources like coffee shops around the area of Amsterdam. Every year, new surprises are introduced – new breed of marijuana are being presented to the public. More companies keep on developing their own high breed cannabis to present to the world. This sensational annual festival of marijuana known as the Cannabis Cup is one of the never-to-miss ceremony that should never be taken for granted for any marijuana lover – marijuana growers and smokers alike. Cannabis Cup Winners


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