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Can You Fail a Drug Test from Secondhand Smoke: A Must-Read

Cannabis smoking is fun and can be an enjoyable experience. It gives you effects that can be energizing, creative, happy, and relaxing. People enjoy smoking cannabis for many reasons. It can be for recreational or medicinal purposes, but whatever it is, there is no doubt that they enjoy smoking weed.

Though smoking cannabis can bring about a great experience, for obvious reasons many are concerned if smoking cannabis can be detected in drug testing. Some are also very curious if you can fail a drug test from secondhand smoke. This question is being raised because cannabis consumers are also being extra careful especially if they are using cannabis discreetly. 

What is Cannabis Secondhand Smoking?

Like the regular second smoking, cannabis secondhand smoking happens when a person is exposed to the smoke from cannabis and inhale it. Secondhand smoke is a combination of smoke or vapor that comes from the burning cannabis cigarette and the smoke the is breathed out by the smokers. In other instances, it is the vapor that comes from a vaporizer that is breathed out by the smoker and is inhaled by another person.

Can You Fail a Drug Test from Secondhand Smoke?

The first thing that you need to know is that there might be health consequences when you think about second-hand smoking. Many cannabis smokers are aware of the effects of marijuana and if they appear on drug tests. An important discussion as well as the topic if secondhand smoking has some effects on the body. Will it get the person high? Can You Fail a Drug Test from Secondhand Smoke? Questions like these need to be discussed and answered.

So can you fail a drug test with secondhand smoking? According to recent studies, the amount of THC found in the blood of those who are exposed to second-hand smoking was below the level needed to fail the drug test. THC can be detected in the body after 15 minutes of secondhand smoke exposure.

Yes, secondhand smoking can fail you on a drug test. This can result in positive drug results. A study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal Open concluded that those who are exposed to secondhand smoking in a poorly ventilated area like a basement, bedroom, kitchen with windows shut could fail you on a drug test.

Secondhand smoke can also make the person feel the effects of cannabis. It’s like smoking cannabis itself. The person who inhales secondhand smoke can feel the psychoactive effects of the weed. Secondhand smoking leads to the storage of cannabinoid metabolites in the body fluids thus the reason why people feel psychoactive effects.

The study also points out that the only difference between actual smoking and secondhand smoke is the time that it gets out of the body system. For actual cannabis smokers, it usually takes about five to eight hours for a negative drug test but in secondhand smoking, it takes longer from 24 hours to 48 hours to stay in the body.

So if to answer the question if you will fail a drug test from secondhand smoking, well the answer is YES.

How to Quickly Get it Out of Your System?

You may have attended a party and been exposed to secondhand marijuana smoking. The thing is that you need to get it out of your system for obvious reasons that you may need to take drug testing. Just an important note though, if by any chance that your party and knows that you’d be exposed to secondhand smoking. Get out and better stay safe at home if you will be subjected to a drug test in the next few days. Better safe than sorry.

If you have become a “victim” then here’s what you need to do to flush it off your system:

  • Washing it out in your system by water. Yes, this entails drinking a lot of water or liquid. This will allow you to urinate many times before the test. 
  • Take Vitamin B-12. Also, you can take vitamin B-12 to add color to your urine. You need t pee yellow so this can be very helpful.
  • Take creatinine. This is a waste product produced by the metabolism of muscles. It occurs naturally in the body. Creatinine supplements can be bought from any food health store. When you take creatinine, it is broken down by the body and it is flushed in the urine. Take minimal dosage only. Do not take too much of it.
  • Exercise. Some people will try to sweat it out by exercising. Drinking lots of water and doing some exercise will make them sweat a lot so it can help them eliminate THC through their sweat. THC is stored in fats so sweating can help lose them.
  • Detox drinks. This will help you flush THC faster as well. Though this will work faster than water, these detox drinks can be costly but they can be bought in commercial stores. These drinks contain Vitamin B-12 and creatinine so there is no need to buy them separately. You may drink it at least 24 hours before the test just to make sure that you have enough time before drug testing.

Just like secondhand cigarette smoking, cannabis secondhand smoking can have serious effects on the person exposed to it. Note that for the actual smoker, the THC or substance from the body only stays for 24 to 48 hours, the person who is exposed to 2nd hand smoker will have the THC contents to his / her body for 24 – 48 hours. Imagine the difference!

Though there are still ongoing researches which tackle the effects of cannabis secondhand smoking in a person’s health, early stages of the suggest negative impacts that can affect the lungs or the respiratory system

Can you fail on a drug test from secondhand smoking? The answer is a big yes. It is the same as true that you will be able to experience the effects of cannabis while you are breathing it after the actual smoker. So, if you are going to be subjected to a drug test, batter stays away from your friends who are an actual smoker to save your self from trouble. Prevention is better my friend.

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