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3 Best Soil for Cannabis for Excellent Yield

What is the best soil for cannabis? Well, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing not only the best soil but also the most suitable soil where your cannabis plant can thrive and provide a huge high quality yield. Here are the techniques and the important points that you need to consider in choosing the best soil for your cannabis plant.

Soil Defined

Soil is one of the basic elements that a plant fundamentally needs to grow and live since every plant needs a platform or a medium to thrive in, whether it may be soil-based or hydroponics. The crowd favorite is still the soil as it allows the plant to absorb more nutrients as it cradles all the water, minerals, and nutrients that are combined with the soil. It also allows the root of the plant to cling to the soil to ensure that it does not collapse upon itself during its growth.

When choosing the best and correct soil for your plants, three major things about soil must be taken into account; these are texture, configuration, and composition.


Basically, the soil configuration is the elements that build up the soil itself; it can be a combination of rock, clay, sand, gravel, mud, and so on and so forth, which is why the soil differs from one point to another as one element may be dominant than the others. It may also contain organic materials such as animal manure and worms which provide the nutrients in the soil itself, sometimes if you will notice a certain type of sand may be hydrophobic at first and does not easily melt when exposed to water which makes the type of soil complex. 


Texture in the soil means the degree when the sand is very compact or sometimes may be very sandy or loose. The texture of the sand is important this is due to its ability to hold water if the soil is to compact or full of clay, it holds water for a long period of time which will cause clogging while on the other hand, if the soil is too sandy, it will not hold water and will cause erosion. Thus, when choosing the correct and best soil for your cannabis plant, you must know the right balance between compactness and sandiness.


In terms of composition in soil, this only means the nutrient content of the soil; however, the soil itself does not produce this on its own. This must be tended to and added unto the soil, such as mixing animal manure or worm or worm skin to the soil to make it packed with nutrients that the plant needs.

Since there is no real and scientifically proven basis on what is the best soil for your cannabis plant, we have listed the top three soils that are suitable for the plant in order for it to have a higher yield. The list is as follows:

Sandy Soils

This type of soil has granules that are large in size and can easily be compacted as well as easy to find. Mostly, you can find this type of soil anywhere without even spending a penny. It drains the excess water well. The setback of sand is that although it is easy to manage, it has to be managed regularly since it does not store water well, and it dries up rapidly. Also, when it has been watered, all the nutrients flow down with water.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Well balanced level of pH content
  • Has natural nutrients that are often found in unadulterated areas
  • Easy to form


  • It does not have a lot of Potassium Content
  • A huge number of wood waste and larger granules that needs to be set aside

Loam Soil

This type of soil is considered one of the best soil that you can ever find for your cannabis plant. This provides a lot of nutritional value to the plant itself as it contains all natural plant-based and organic natural ingredients found in the sea as well as in land. This particular type of soil results in high quality yield that provides the best taste and aroma for your buds. This will also increase the potency of the buds, as proven by many growers across the country. This type of soil is a balanced combination of sand, silt, and clay, which work hand in hand to provide all the good attributes of each type and complement one another to support their individual deficiencies.


  • The perfect pH level for the cannabis plant
  • No worries when it comes to nutrient content
  • Can be used from vegetation up to the flowering phase


  • High price


This soil is a type of soil that is naturally found in nature that holds more water; it contains a lot of water-absorbing capabilities that will help the plant to thrive and not dry out. This also a solution to the unbalanced pH of your plant. This is typically the best soil for newbies that do not have the knowledge, yet when it comes to the technicalities of the soil itself. This type of soil is ready to use and no need for mixing and treatment.


  • Superb soil for beginners
  • It can hold a lot of water


  • Can attract pests
  • Difficult to drain water


This is your guide for the best soil for your cannabis plant. In this article, you have been informed about the technical things that you should keep in mind in choosing the correct soil for your plants. Take advantage of this knowledge in order for you to maximize all the options that you have in order to produce a higher and better quality yield for your cannabis plant.

However, it is still your final choice as to what soil you will be using, but most of all, you should also consider your budget as these soils manufacture specifically for cannabis is quite expensive.

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