Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Agent Orange Feminized Seed, a well-known variety, was developed by crossing Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper. It’s no joke that the Agent Orange weed variety has potent effects and a wonderful blend of flavors and aromas due to the mixture of three incredible marijuana strains. It is also a somewhat Sativa-dominant hybrid, but others may argue that she’s a healthy hybrid because of the minor disparity in their percentages.

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Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana Specifications

Type: 80 Sativa 20 Indica

Genetics Parents: Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper

Flowering Period: 10 weeks

Climate: Warm Humid

Yield: 400 – 500 g/m2 (indoors) 600-800gr/plant (outdoors)

Flavors: Tropical Sweet Lemon Orange

THC Level: 19%

CBD Level: 0.21%

Height: 150 cm

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Agent Orange Feminized Seeds 

Agent Orange has a rustic smell with a kick. A swirling scent of sweet orange and lemon makes any grow room to visit a mouthwatering experience as the trichomes reach full maturity. Drying and curing the buds gives them a more sophisticated note by adding a dank nuance to the already captivating fragrance.

The exquisite sugary lemon flavor is also present when smoked. There’s even a touch of cheese and a smidgeon of cinnamon, which helps to even out the herb’s primarily sour taste.

Agent Orange is an energizing strain that’s perfect for getting up and baking. It drives the mind and body into the morning ritual by giving a burst of get-up-and-go motivation. It also offers enough stamina for physical tasks such as working out or busting any steps before getting into the tub. 

Agent Orange is better known for its stimulating influence, but it also creates a continuous stream of relaxation that is not accompanied by lethargy or laziness. Instead, it achieves a natural equilibrium that holds hyperactivity at bay. The improved concentration and clarification that occurs tend to rid the mind of mental distractions, enabling the focus on the tasks. It’s an excellent pre-work hit, thanks to the mix of effects.

Agent Orange is a perfect addition to every social event, whether it’s a casual family get-together, a dinner out with friends, or a cocktail party. It increases appetite while also relaxing the mind, allowing for vigorous debates and discussions.

What are the Medical Benefits of Agent Orange Feminized Seeds?

Agent Orange is known for its solid neurological effects. Its elevated THC levels and other properties make it a favorite among medical professionals. As indifferent sativa strains, the intoxicating results will come first. These results increase concentration and efficiency, potentially alleviating ADD symptoms. THC levels can provide a mood lift and may help treat depression, fear, and stress.

Negative Effect You Can Expect From Agent Orange Feminized Seeds

Dry eyes and mouth are typical side effects of the Agent Orange strain. Fortunately, remaining hydrated will help you avoid this. To prevent this inconvenience, drink plenty of water before, after, and after your workout. Dehydration will most likely be the only side effect if this weed is consumed in moderate doses. On the other hand, overindulgence may result in more significant side effects such as paranoia or a rise in anxiety.

How to Grow Agent Orange Feminized Seeds

Agent Orange provides good resistance against mold, mildew, and other external attacks, a feature shared by many landraces. The plant grows large, long, thick buds with a dense layer of trichomes and a scattering of dark amber hairs.

Like one would imagine, these good traits are not without flaws. The plant’s innate desire to aim for the stars necessitates a sizable growing space that can support its enormous height. It also needs a large pot to accommodate its complex root system. Both of these conditions mean that expanding it would take up a lot of space indoors, and keeping it hidden outside would be difficult. As the long-running colas grow and grow thicker, Agent Orange’s long branches may need assistance. Curbing the plant’s length and shape necessitates the preparation, skating, and trimming, but it’s best left to seasoned gardeners.

You can cultivate the strain in either soil or hydroponics in a managed environment with a Screen of Green setup for optimum yield. Maintain a comfortable temperature range of 68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, with an RH of 40 to 50 percent.  Pathogens are kept at bay in this sort of environment, which encourages healthy development. Up to 1.47 ounces of buds per square foot would be ready for drying as harvest time comes.

3 reviews for Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Andrew R.

    This is the weed that can help you out with your mood. I have been super anxious and stressed lately, so I decided to cultivate this Agent Orange. My bestie recommended this strain because it can give me a mood lift and may help treat my stress and anxiety. The captivating scent is incredible, such a good strain that makes me feel happy and energized. Growing this indoors andI l LOVED the sweet lemon and orange makes me say that I want to grow more. A mouthwatering experience whenever the plant is matured and can produce trichomes. Best weed!! Highly recommended strain and service!! Good job!

  2. E. Varela

    This is a terrific pick-me-up strain that goes well with morning breakfast and provides me the boost I need to feel powerful and active all day. I like the scent of it, which reminds me of juicy oranges and is both delicious and strong. After giving them enough nutrients, the yield was about 720g each plant. It always makes me feel better once I’ve smoked it. Thank you so much, Mary Jane’s Garden-I’ll be purchasing more of your seeds!

  3. Seth O.

    It’s a wonderful strain with easy-to-grow conditions. I appreciate the large yields of nearly 680 grams per plant after only 9 weeks of growing it outdoors. To keep them healthy and produce more and larger buds, I scheduled regular maintenance such as trimming and pruning. It was delicious in the morning, and the sweet orange taste lingered on my lips. YUMMM! It improves my anxiety attacks, making me feel more comfortable and joyful than ever before. This strain gives you a lasting first impression. It feels as if you’re being touched by the wind and waves at the beach. This herb is ideal for those who need to lift their spirits. You’ll never go wrong with this!

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