Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a classic pure Indica with high THC at 20 percent making it very relaxing and calming. It is a short strain only 60 cm tall but can produce yields up to 450 grams per square meter indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. This is an earthy, pungent, spicy, and sweet flavored strain.

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Afghan Feminized Pot Seeds

The Afghan Feminized marijuana plant is a pure Indica strain. It reaches a height of 35 to 50 centimeters and produces 350 grams of bud on each of the female plants. Its THC content plays around 10% to 15% but when smoked produces a body buzz.

Generally, the Afghan weed plant is a strong plant with a chunky stem system. It can be grown anywhere, indoors and outdoors. It sprouts large round shade leaves that tend to cover the plant. After 8 to 9 weeks, the plant grows large, sticky resin-filled buds.

Female marijuana seeds will grow female plants which contain the bud or flower that is used for smoking and contains the THC. Male plants will not grow when you germinate only female afghan seeds as they have not been feminized. This strain is the best for beginners or for people who would like to grow organic or in small grow room areas like a closet or shed.

3 reviews for Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Jonathan Mathis

    What do I have to say? Well, this strain is just totally phenomenal! Haven’t yet disappointed. Indeed strong, its effect whenever I smoked this Afghan, was very potent. The smell, taste and look is amazing, made me forget any other strains, and pinned this strain into my mind! This strain was my top choice. But as a beginner in growing weed, I had my mistakes in growing this strain, but still I tried again, but I didn’t mind, I cultivated them properly and it ended up into a successful one. The quality was 5/5, premium quality! Very sturdy plants, have very sticky trichomes and beautiful buds! Mouthwatering, dude!! I would recommend this strain to others and I am planning to buy this strain again.

  2. R. Long

    Oh, my! This is such a soothing strain… It gives you a long-lasting body high… Give me a pleasant, sleepy, relaxed high. I simply take two hits whenever I need to sleep like a baby. I like to smoke it around an hour before bedtime. It is very helpful in alleviating my restless leg condition. My entire body calms, and I am able to sleep longer without interruption. This strain isn’t the easiest to raise, but it’s still manageable, and it produces average yields that aren’t terrible. This is undoubtedly a high-quality strain.

  3. Brayden E.

    One of the few Indica dominant strains I genuinely like! It’s a fantastic, high-quality smoke that’s perfect for unwinding on the couch.It has a distinct flavor that allows me to relax into a calm state…. It’s a fantastic way to spend time while I watch Netflix or listen to music. I enjoy how this weed effects me as well; it’s nice and slow, very mild, and it helps with my anxiety. It transforms a gloomy day into something bright and sunny. I nurtured it as if it were a valuable gemstone, gently caring for it and ensuring that the light and humid levels were just right. (I was about to have a mold problem, so it’s great that it is mold resistant.) And Afghani was a success. I call it a good growing achievement for me, and I want to purchase more seeds and continue improving my medical marijuana cultivating talents.

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