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Zombie D.F. Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Zombie D.F. Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC content. It is a very potent strain capable of producing good yields. It has earthy, flowery, and spicy flavors and capable of producing euphoric, creative, and relaxing effects. However, it is not for beginners and it grows well in temperate to the sunny environment.

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More About Zombie D.F. (fem)

A Mind-Blowing Strain

Zombie D.F. feminized is the amalgamation of legendary strains that unintentionally met and led to a variant that emits a sweet fragrance and offers the ability to provide mind-blowing mental high. The truth is that a lot of cannabis enthusiasts who dared use this feminized plant went through an extreme cerebral high without recalling much the day.

Zombie D.F. originated from Girl Scout Cookies and LA Kush. Its parentage basically structures her powerful traits and characteristics. It is small to medium-sized with thin-fingered leaves and lengthy internodal spaces. Meantime, it has heavy buds with rich resin. All colas become frosty white once it gets mature.

To attain its full potential when it comes to yield, the hydroponics system is highly beneficial. It is also important that you keep high levels of E.C. and flaunt it to lots of light. Trimming unnecessary leaves is advised to secure proper airflow and light cycle.


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