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CBD Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds


Zkitllez Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant high CBD strain made by crossing two very prominent strains. It is a flavorful strain capable of making you calm, relaxed, euphoric, and happy. It is a therapeutic strain which you can use to curb pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. It is a beginner strain and can be cultivated almost anywhere.

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More About CBD Zkittlez

Great Body-relaxing Cannabis

When it comes to the THC-CBD ratio, CBD Zkittlez provides 1:1, which is a perfect crossbreed of Zkittlez and  Agent Orange. The citrusy scent is loved by many with fresh soil or earth undertones.  This marijuana plant turns into more budding sites for a bountiful harvest. The appearance of CBD Zkittlez looks a bit orange with thick orange pistils, winding throughout the green cannabis buds.

You can cultivate this cannabis plant using low-stress training or LST techniques, such as Screen of Green or SOG, that involves coaxing its branches. This training moves the leaves away from the primary cola, exposing it adequately to an adequate light source.

You’ll notice that the flavor is sweeter than the aroma, which leaves a candy-like aftertaste whenever it is exhaled. Also, some users who have tried this marijuana strain reported bodily relaxation.  It’s a fantastic strain that promotes creative thinking, leaving users inspired and interacting socially. Also, it is a great cannabis strain so you can pursue a hobby and allow handling complex topics or other tasks that require imaginative thinking.



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