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Buy Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Seeds

Yoruba Nigeria Cannabis Seeds

Originally, it comes from the African continent. This amazing marijuana strain is a pure strain. It hasn’t been crossbreed yet, and known to be as authentic that’s why most people consider it special.

It is an indoor variety that grows up to 70 cm.  Flowering period is about eight weeks. The plant can yield 350 grams with each female flowering plant.. It has a hash-like taste.

The effect of Yoruba Nigeria is quite high as it gives a cerebral buzz. It’s THC content is 15 – 20% and puts one in euphoric state.

This strain is being used by some cult group in the Africa in celebration of the Itapa festival. They believe that the world is created by Oduduwa and Obatala. According to Yoruba legend “Ife” the world was made of two deities while wearing clothes made of hemp and smoking cannabis. The weed is used for medical and spiritual purposes.

Quantity : 10 seedsFlowering Period : 8 weeks
Type : SativaHarvest : End of September

Climate : Indoor

Stoned/High : Sativa Buzz
Yield : 350 grams/plantTHC level : 15% – 20%
Height : 70 cmGrow Difficulty :Moderate

Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Seeds

yoruba nigeria seeds
growing marijuana yoruba nigeria

How To Buy Seeds For Growing Yoruba Nigeria

If you are looking for the classic kind of high and taste, then you may want to think of buying Yoruba Nigeria marijuana seeds for this plant is one of the pure strain today. This plant came from the darkest Africa and has not been crossed breed with any other strain. Here at Mary Jane’s we have many seeds, pure or not, like Yoruba Nigeria marijuana seeds for sale at such low prices. We assure you that all of the information acquired when you order Yoruba Nigeria will be treated as classified and will only be used for transaction purposes.

Keep in mind that in growing Yoruba Nigeria, it usually takes up to 9 weeks for it to flower and the harvest falls on the end of September till mid October. If you have any question, you can always visit our website for guides on how to grow Yoruba Nigeria and reviews, tips and pictures of Yoruba Nigeria.

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