White Russian Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


White Russian Marijuana Strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with relaxing and calming effects. It is a good strain with good yields and can produce the best and most potent buds no matter where you grow. This strain will help you relax and deal with medical conditions like pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

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5 Seeds $75.00
10 Seeds $130.00
25 Seeds $250.00


More About White Russian Fast Version 

An Energizing Fruity Treat For The Tired Mind

White Russian is a product of two high-quality breeds, namely White Widow and AK-47. This two powerful cannabis has been at a certain point, the best tasting and most fulfilling strains to smoke. White Russian carried all of its parent strain’s high-quality features and made it even better. The addition of an unknown Ruderalis made this a strain that is notorious for its quick flowering prowess.

Keep in mind that when growing this strain indoors, proper trimming and ventilation is needed to avoid moisture buildup, which would result in the mold infestation. An outdoor garden would suit this strain better.

The strong aroma of this Indica dominant strain enchants many seasoned users. Toking this weed should start with a euphoric buzz that is very similar to its parent strains. Once stress loses its grip on your mind and body, it can finally relax, and you end up drifting to sleep.


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