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White Dwarf Feminized Marijuana Seeds


White Dwarf is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (Indica 75% / Sativa 25%) with unknown parent strains, although can be traced back to the lineage of White Ryder. However, White Dwarf surely boasts an extremely sedative high but at the same time provides some cerebral effects as well. The stoning experience of White Dwarf begins with a very uplifted which prompts happiness leading you to a euphoric state of mind. But as the high eventually settles, the ecstatic feelings will then translate to a perfectly relaxed entire body triggering an intense couchlock that can be oftentimes tranquilizing. On the other hand, attributable to its relatively average THC level of 15%, it is the most ideal strain to treat those suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, stress, insomnia, nausea, and appetite loss. It is best consumed and enjoyed in the evening to avoid unproductivity because of its potentially lethargic effects.

Meanwhile, in a span of eight to eleven weeks, you will observe how White Dwarf grew forest green buds that are popcorn in shape with underlying golden hues, coated in amber hairs and frosted crystal trichomes. When lit, it releases an aroma of spicy herbs but with a sweet earthy and floral note as well, while tasting similar flavors along with a mellow flowery aftertaste. You sure can’t miss this very rare White Dwarf strain!

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White Dwarf Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (75%) / Sativa (25%)

Genetic Parents: White Ryder

Flowering Period: 8 weeks to 11 weeks

Climate: Hot and humid climate

Yield: Medium

Flavors: Earthy, herb, nutty, sweet

THC Level: 13% – 15%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: Short

Photo Period: Feminized-Autoflowering

Harvest Period: Medium

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of White Dwarf Feminized?

White Dwarf has an earthy natural flavor. Flavors are hidden within the bud t which are not noticeable at first glance. The smoke sits on the tongue that accentuates different tones which harmoniously works together. This has faint hints of spices and sweet berries that can be distinguished from its warm earthy taste. These flavors soothe the senses before the effects of White Dwarf kicks in.

The effects of White Dwarf kick in quickly which almost not noticeable. The high indica content expected from the strain is leaving a lethargic and calm feeling that the pain is thought of melting away. The numbing effects it possesses made it famous in the medical community. The numb feeling and slightly weighted creeps to the limbs which spread throughout the body. It causes a spacey high and calm result that is ideal for disconnecting the world and be truly relax even with just a few hours. The white dwarf can also enhance creativity. 

What are the Medical Benefits of White Dwarf Feminized?

White Dwarf is an ideal strain to use for controlling pain. It has been extremely useful in treating patients with migraines. Its effects provide a release of both mental and physical pain. For the people taking medications, it helps them suppress nausea and enhances the appetite which is noticeably a good strain to be used before having meals. Depressed people use White Dwarf because of its mentally calming Effects. The effects provide a few hours of peace to the user. White Dwarf offers a minimal amount of time to relax for the people seeing themselves prisoned in negative thoughts. The strain is commonly recommended to people who are struggling with insomnia. White Dwarf could be useful to people who are in the struggle of sleeping which causes depression, pain, or other unspecified reasons.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Dwarf Feminized

People experience a number of side effects when they smoke White Dwarf. A temporary effect of dry mouth should not last for more than a few hours. Having dry eyes is also experienced by a large number of people using the strain. It can lead to an irritated feeling that perceived the need for sleep. Dizziness is considered the most common side effect of people smoking large doses. White Dwarf has a bit higher THC content that caused the dizziness. White Dwarf’s side effects also include the sudden feeling of paranoia and anxiety, but this is less commonly experienced. These effects are likely to occur when the user is feeling uncomfortable about a situation. Using it can make the user feel overwhelmed most likely in a busy environment. This can also leave the feeling of disconnection from the world around the user.

How to Grow White Dwarf Feminized

White Dwarf is a low-maintenance plant. It has a short flowering time and can be harvested in just eight weeks that makes them a recommendable plant for new growers who do not have ample time in taking care of it. A hot and humid environment or a greenhouse climate makes the White Dwarf the happiest. Given how fast the plant is growing, it is expected to have medium-size yields which are very splendid. To make it grow taller it is advisable to place it outdoors.


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