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White Cannabis Seeds

White cannabis seeds are the particular varieties that are well-known for the unbelievably huge amount of crystals or pistils of white THC that they produce while they are still in the flowering stage. On this specific strain of cannabis seeds, it is easy to notice the difference in the way that they look when it is time to harvest the plants.

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You will notice that the flowers or buds are literally covered in a large amount of white resin that is crystalized and sticky. On some of the crops of marijuana that is growing from white cannabis seeds, there is such a large amount of dense hairs and the shimmering white THC crystals that it is actually hard for a person to see the green color of the leaves or buds of the marijuana. When white cannabis seeds are used for growing weed it is even quite difficult to see the green after the marijuana buds have been dried. This is because of the noticeable white glow that it is covered in.

There are several strains of white cannabis seeds, and a few of these would include Amsterdam Indica, Aussie Blues, California Dream Feminized, Crystal Rain, Misty, Misty Feminized, Super Nova / Chronic, White Queen Feminized, and various others.

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