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Where To Hide Your Cannabis At Home

Does it actually feel like you have no spot to leave your weed? In case you’re outfitted down with meddling (in a manner of speaking) flatmates or relatives, you might be at a misfortune for good reserve spots. 

We’ve arranged six of the most secure and most secure spots for you to conceal your weed, to help you keep your reserve safe and your brain untroubled. 

In an ideal world, we’d all have the option to utilize pot transparently, putting away any place is generally advantageous. 

Be that as it may, sadly, weed is still profoundly trashed, and in many pieces of the world, condemned too. Numerous cannabis clients live with flatmates or relatives who are threatening to weed, and for these clients, concealing their reserve is unfortunately important. 

After buying weed online in Canada, there are a few procedures you can use to protect it. We’ll address a couple, alongside exercises you can pull from various methodologies. 

1 – Computer That Is Not Working

Got an old PC that does not work anymore? Stick a pack of weed inside and throw the machine in a corner. There’s a feeling of protection around gadgets, and few busybodies will venture to such an extreme as to air out your equipment. 

PCs and their parts are costly, and your flatmates and guardians are probably not going to discard your PC without your consent, regardless of whether they realize it’s wrecked. 

One methodology is to unscrew off the backplate, stash some weed in the machine, and re-screw several of the screws, leaving the rest aside. 

This will shroud the weed while likewise permitting you simple access. Simply ensure you don’t do this with a “live” PC, as that could be a fire danger. 

Likewise, you’ll need to pack your weed well, as the smell will travel effectively through the PC case. 

2 – Your Pet Food

With regards to concealing weed, your feline or canine may be your closest companion. Simply stick your baggie of weed at the lower part of the pet food sack and let it hang out. 

Pet food smells amazingly solid and will go far in veiling the wet smell. 

Ensure the pack is very much fixed, as a weed-and-canine chow wreck isn’t something you need to manage. 

This system clearly has downsides if others will get to the food sack, however, hello: you could offer to take on a full pet taking care of obligations. 

The creatures will like you more, and you’ll pick up the ideal reserve spot! 

On account of felines, in the event that somebody discovers it, you can disclose to them it’s catnip. Remember, this may not trick somebody who has a passing knowledge of weed.

3 – In Bakery Goods

In the event that you have the house to yourself for a day or two, think about going on a preparing binge and concocting some delectable, minimal edibles. 

Edibles will seem like typically prepared merchandise to most non-weed-sharp sneaks, and won’t transmit a very remarkable smell (however the heating cycle will—which is the reason you should be distant from everyone else for that part). 

With this procedure, your principle basis is to ensure that nobody eats the edibles believing they’re ordinarily prepared merchandise. 

You’ll have to shroud them well and stick an unmistakable “private property” name on them.

4 – Bottom Of A Drawer

On the off chance that you have minimal private space, you’ll need to get innovative. Taping your reserve to the base side of a cabinet can be a powerful method to conceal your merchandise from others. 

Note that this doesn’t mean in the cabinet: it implies under it. 

To stash your weed such as an Indica flower under a cabinet, pull out the cabinet and tape your weed to the back or base. 

At that point, push it back in and close it shut. From an external perspective, everything appears to be the equivalent; little do spectators realize that the cabinet is currently concealing some fortune! 

This spot ought to stay secure, as companions will have not many motivations to pull out irregular drawers.

Ensure you practice legitimate smell insurance for this one—you might need to put something fragrant and harmless, similar to a deodorizer, inside the cabinet. 


We have shown you the many ways you can use to hide weed at home. By using your creativity, there can be many more ways and ideas that you can do as well.

With that being said, feel free to enjoy your cannabis experience knowing that you have a solution to stash them somewhere in case you don’t want to be caught.

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