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Useful Tips on What to Do With Weed Stems

Hearing people associate marijuana stems with weak quality buds is very common, and you thought they’re nothing but a problem. If you have them the next time, try keeping it and research tips on what to do with weed stems. If you love some cannabutter, THC-based tea, hash, or some yarn or twine, the possibilities are endless if you keep them and know what to make.

If you’re not grinding your stems with your cannabis bud, you are either stashing full garbage or an excellent collection. If you belong in the former class, we have comprehensive information that you might want to know in our guide. Or if you’re into the latter, you feel lucky today as we’re going to discuss what to do with weed stems.

What To Do With Your Weed Stems?

If you notice, those with stems are more than garbage to dispose of after you pulverized your marijuana flower. If you keep stashing enough, you get more potent high in those alone. Or if you don’t want to get stoned, you get them life afresh through arts and crafts, or even more. How? We’ll review as we proceed. 


The easiest way method, (but this is the least suggested), pulverize your stems and burn them. All the time, this is a stressful experience because the smoke contains various undesirable properties from the fiber in the marijuana stems. The fiber also makes the stems burn very hot, quite enough to sting your lungs and throat. Again, it is not suggested, so please always be careful. Only a few smokers do this, although, for whatever reason, some choose to smoke them.

Tea and Chai

To start, you’ll have a healthy few stems that haven’t been kneaded for the hash. Embark by putting 450ml water and a tablespoon of oil into a saucepan. Slice and add your marijuana stems and gradually bring to a delicate, but not boil, rolling, stirring constantly. Allow them to boil this for 7 to 8 minutes because the fluid has to decrease. Filter out your marijuana stems, let the mixture chill for a while, and have fun!

Plain cannabis tea can have a bit of a rough flavor, though, so you would possibly like putting herbs and additives to your drinks. For tea, lemon, mints, sugar, honey, or any aromatized tea bag can conceal the tang if you are preparing chai, putting cardamom, ginger, pepper, and pods for that classic zest to make it more delicious and have a tingling pleasure.


To get started with this process, you take the stems, crack them, and put them in a reusable plastic bag. Put the bag in the chiller, and wait until you add more. When you want to add more, keep your bag a firm shake. Every time you shake the now-chilled resin, crystals start to break from the stem parts. Gradually, you will accumulate a fantastic pile at the bottom part of your plastic bag. After taking out the stems, you will have a bag of kief, smoke ready for your next session. 

Marijuana Drinks

Tequilas, vodkas, and whiskeys contain 40% alcohol or more, and they can diffuse the resin of marijuana. There are many simple recipes for marijuana-based vodka available online that you can try following.

Pour your favorite alcohol into a jar to access it faster and easier. Allow the marijuana stems to soak in there for one week or more at one time. The moment you have another few stems to add, the elder ones already discharged their riches to the mixture.

For effectiveness to develop, this small project takes several months and a bunch of marijuana stems. Toward the end of the method, though, you will have a robust blend in one handy, healthy drink.

Bubble Hash

If you want to do high-quality bubble hash, the first thing to do is freezing the cannabis stems. Instead of shaking, throw your stems in a blender. Utilize the blender technique recipe to make a premium quality hash. You replace the flowers with marijuana stems. If you obey all the right directions, repeating the procedure around 4 to 5 times, a high-quality bubble hash will be in your stash.


Hash does not get more practical than this product. To get charas, you start by rubbing the stems in your hands. Next, knead your hands together above the container to get a whiff of hash. You won’t get that much. But attempt 100g of steams with standard THC levels, you might be amazed at what you have administered to collect. The result is a multi-flavored hash pile that becomes classic as time goes. 

Always Decarboxylate your Cannabis

Firstly, if you are considering using the THC content of your marijuana stems, you need to decarboxylate your weed first. It might look like a very complicated process based on its name, but it just means you’re warming your weed to a particular point. Decarboxylation produces the smoothly edible and fast psychedelic THC from its former substance, THCA. This results in making the weed stem ideal for extracts, edibles, tinctures, and hash.

THC Butter and other Edibles

If you got plenty of cracked marijuana stems to fill half of your pan, then THC-rich butter is on the table! Changing stems for flowers within this cannabutter dish will make the same product, though, with a subtler effect. Since the dish is recommending “28g of buds”, substitute with “as many sliced stems as needed”. With your butter in cooking creations, you add a delightful high to any recipe.

Marijuana-based topicals are probably among the most unorthodox methods of enjoying cannabis. They have become popular over the past few years. Besides moisturizing the skin, marijuana-based creams and lotions help take good care of your strength in a fresh way. Also, they’re beneficial for soft joints, as well as dealing with inflamed, red skin. Keep in mind that you will be changing “15–30g of buds” with 2 to 3 times the amount of marijuana stems, or the nearest you can have.

Arts And Crafts

.You might not always consider, but there are more ways to do with weed stems aside from enjoying its high. It is an organic plant matter like other plants, which means it is useful in the arts and crafts departments.


At first, it may seem unusual, but keep in mind that hemp is another best substitute to wood-derived paper since the stem-derived paper is far from unusual, although a bit rough.

The most challenging part of creating paper is first creating a vat. You can use pantyhose extended through a wireframe or solid fly-wire screen attached to a wooden structure. The concept is to have an even, porous surface that allows the water in the mush discharge.

In a food processor, mix the same amount of marijuana stems and standard paper. Add adequate water for the combination to move and mix freely. When the mixture is muddy with small bits left unscathed, spill it out somewhat into the vat. Mildly rock the vat until the mush is uniformly dispersed. If you are creating a more significant paper piece, we use a squeegee to make things even. Set this aside to bleed and dry out. After one day, mildly strip the paper away and hang that out to strain. Cut to your requirements, and have a good time!

Knitting Small

Even with little scale, cannabis stems and little stalks can be peeled off of their exterior fiber. This method is referred to as decorticating, involving among the most refined tools available: your hands. Kept together by a pulp matrix, these fibers must be needed in the fingers to be disconnected in single strands. The single fibers lengths can deform into substantial lengths of basic knit. If you have enough, then you have tons of artistic opportunities. So, you want to design a fashionable bracelet?

Knitting Bigger 

If you’re a home cannabis breeder with more stems out there, your opportunities are even higher. When you feel the main branches and trunks off of their extended fibers, you can get started creating baskets, decorations, as well as if you spend it with enough time.


Another way of what to do with weed stems is to cultivate some more marijuana! Use a wood chipper to transform the marijuana stems into organic compost. This protects the soil underneath it, ensuring your marijuana plants keep enough rainwater. There is more information discussing the words correctly applying fertilizer in your grow garden, but hopefully, we have triggered your curiosity in this concept.

The Bottom Line

There’s no need to see stems as a headache. Your ingenuity is the only border to what to do with weed stems. If you have adequate information and the right supplies, numerous ways can be done with your little stems. If you play well, you can even get stoned on them. Therefore, we expect this guide has aided you to appreciate how multipurpose your weed plant is.

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