What is the Strongest Weed Ever Grown?

With more than 700 cannabis strains to check on, determining which one is the strongest can be a bit challenging. Just as how snowflakes differ from each other, no cannabis strains are also alike. Elements on which they vary include the physical appearance and potency, and also the method of cultivation, tastes, scents, and effects.

Even though we cannot simply land on a single cannabis strain, what can be worthy of knowing is finding out what is the strongest weed? However, if you see yourself as a neophyte, it will be better if you keep yourself away from these strains until you earn enough experience to manage the impacts of these strong weeds.

What Composes the Strongest Weeds?

Put it in your mind that although potency is commonly associated with THC levels, it is not just the high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol that demonstrate how potent a weed is. There are other compounds present in the cannabis plant like the terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes and cannabinoids play an important role in the potency of the strain, together with the other elements, including physical reactions and instinctive body chemistry that identify how high a consumer can get.

What is known to be High THC?

There are various names and labels to refer to good cannabis nowadays. Thus, if someone utters sensimilla, kush, haze, skunk, dro, chronic, or dank, it is evident that he is not aiming to purchase a bag of brick-weed. With these modifications, the anticipations of the users of cannabis have begun changing. Strong cannabis was greatly required.

Cannabis strains that possess THC content of more than 20 percent were being cultivated right and left as authorization started, and everything was currently directing in the right path. Hence, if someone tells they are searching for strains that are high in THC, nowadays, it implies that they are searching for strains with more than 18 percent of THC level.

Once again, put it in your mind that the results of the test shown on the product’s packaging shown in dispensaries may be misrepresented and puzzling. But why is that? Since cannabis is simply a plant, different parts exhibit various strengths. 

Strongest Weeds – Which One to Use?

You may have to spend lots of time figuring out which weeds are the strongest because the market is packed with many options. Good thing that several studies and researches were done to determine weeds with strong properties. To help you find out the strongest weeds ever, here is a list of strains you should never miss:

Cookies Gelato

Bringing together the sweet sensations of Gelato and Girl Scout Cookies, the cleverly termed Cookies Gelato has earned a spot being one of the strongest weeds. Other than acquiring the sugary taste and scent from its ancestors, it has a huge THC level that is roughly 28 percent. 

Offering around a blissful surge with a soothing touch, this strain guarantees that you do not get extremely deep in a single direction. It is needless to mention; this may not be ideal for you if you are a beginner. Only those with tolerance can have a pleasant time with this indulging treat.

Green Gelato

Only in California, various regions are contending to grow the best strains. Green Gelato was introduced in San Francisco Bay Area. Cannabis enthusiasts must try it, especially those who enjoy sweets. The ancestors Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet are already prominent for their sugary taste and compelling high. 

Blending them has resulted in a sweeter strain, with a level of THC crossing 25 percent to kick. This exhilarating amalgamation of sharp mint, fruity pitches, warm cookie taste, and spicy kush has to be tried to be perceived. Users can look forward to an exhilarating high that cools the body with a remarkable couch-lock.

Royal Gorilla

It is just recently that the genetics of Gorilla was made accessible in the US. Your chance to feel this stunning strain is finally achievable. These beautiful, light green buds are known to have a THC content as much as 26 percent. This equally balanced hybrid was bumped upon growers. Its astoundingly euphoric high occurs with salivating flavors with a pitch of pine. Its stabilized high has made it best for curative use.


Hulkberry is a specific exception that is already seizing the dispensaries. It has already cleared its path in Europe and even beyond. The strain has acquired cult stature in just a short time ensuing its victory at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2014. 

This strain is very strong, with a THC level beyond 28 percent. The rearing of OG Kush strain with the Strawberry Diesel implies a compelling combination of Sativa and Indica effects will attend a tasty fruity flavor.

Triple G

Compared to the other strains in the list, Triple G cannot be considered the most potent. However, with the fact that it is Indica-dominant, it simply tells that it can deliver more than making you relaxed and blissful – it can swiftly carry you to heaven.

If you’re a medical patient and you are suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, or loss of appetite, this strain can do well in relieving the manifestations. Expect the flavor of berries, chocolate, and candy to strike the tongue, as earthy, spicy, and diesel scents drift around you.


Ever since people first learned about the psychedelic, sedative, and medicinal characteristics of weed, enthusiasts have always been on the chase for the strongest weed to provide them the strongest effect. It is a good thing now that people can have easy access to these strains.

Whether you are searching to include more powerful plants in your garden, or you simply need a more compelling strain to alleviate a medical illness, you can always find the best strains at marijuana seeds. It is needless to mention; the strongest weeds are only for those with enough experience in cannabis. Those who are just starting cannot tolerate the impact of these powerful strains.