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What does sinsemilla mean?

Sinsemilla is very potent seedless cannabis. To set things straight right from the start, Sinsemilla is not specific cannabis plants, nor are they a specific hybrid of cannabis. Sinsemilla is a specific type of growth that produces seedless cannabis. This word is a combination of two Spanish words: “Sin” which means “without”, and “semilla” which means “seeds”. Literally translated as” without seed”. This word became a popular term in the ’70s as a technique used by cannabis growers on the female marijuana species. This technique makes use of the female cannabis flower not pollinating with the male plant pollen. This technique ensures that the female cannabis plant does not produce any seeds as it matures. instead of producing seeds, this female cannabis plant tends to develop thicker branches and larger, more resinous nugs. Seedless cannabis is grown to ensure that the pant will grow to have more resinous cannabis flowers. This is a sure-fire way of boosting the plant’s THC content. It is said that the sinsemilla marijuana plant produces THC that is 2 to 10 times more potent than the original THC level of that stain.

What is Sinsemilla?

It is surprising to note that there are only a few individuals who are familiar with what Sinsemilla really is. Some say that it is related to high-quality seedless cannabis that is cultivated with extreme care. Others, on the other hand, suggest that sinsemillas are those potent cannabis strains that come from the southwest of the US, or maybe even from Amsterdam, where a lot of experimentation has been done on cannabis plants.

What these two schools of thought are thought to promote is entirely false. Sinsemilla is not a specific strain of cannabis that was developed to produce very high potent THC levels, nor is it cultivated in extreme growing conditions to produce high THC levels. It simply is just a method on how to produce ultra-high THC levels in any cannabis strain, with the result of cannabis plants without seeds. The plants’ energy, instead of focusing on producing seeds is sidetracked and focused to produce sturdier branches which result in bigger, denser, and more resinous cannabis flowers. These resinous buds are what contain the enhanced THC potency of the sinsemilla. The result is a potent THC level that sometimes reaches 10 times the normal THC level of that cannabis strain. Again, this word is derived from the Spanish words sin, meaning “without”, and semilla, meaning “seedless”.

When and Where was Sinsemilla developed?

As early as we could remember, marijuana was used by our ancestors for medicinal purposes. It was only in the 60’s when the “hippies” thought of weed as cool and it brought those heavy narcotic effects they enjoyed, but during those times, marijuana was full of seeds and evidently was rough on our throats on the inhale. These were the smuggled weed from several parts of the globe like India, Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia, and Thailand. they consistently have lots of seeds and the THC content was very low. It was only in the ’70s that seedless marijuana became popular when some breeders thought of the idea of hybridizing weed to produce seedless varieties. This was the birth of sinsemilla. Soon, Sinsemilla weed the in thing to have at that time. this was also the time when sinsemilla was soon associated with “high THC levels”. the technique we aptly described above was the gold standard in producing sinsemilla weed.

The reason for unfertilizing the female cannabis flowers is that these flowers contain high amounts of resin when unfertilized, and they develop larger buds. The sinsemilla process is usually grown indoors to recent any accidental pollination by male plants outside. This process was believed to have started somewhere not the Western part of the US in the ’70s. The breeders following these techniques were awed b the fact that sinsemilla cannabis has way much more THC content than the THc of the same fertilized weed.

Sinsemilla Today

Nowadays, it is very easy for the modern cannabis user to have access to extremely potent and top-quality cannabis. dispensaries are now available nationwide selling the best strain your money can afford. This accessibility is all a doing of the weed being made legal in most states and its availability in the market. Effective technology could also be a factor. but it is often argued that there was great weed back in the ’70s, it was just a matter of being able to get hold of it. We are just fortunate enough to be part of the new generation where cannabis can now be ordered online. It is readily accessible anytime and anywhere. We are not only talking about regular cannabis but even genetically engineered marijuana strains to give you the most explosive high you could ever imagine!

What makes the modern age even more thankful for cannabis wise, is the availability of different tastes and aroma from the new generation strains were have available. These are what our modern-day sinsemilla is about, higher THC content with flavorful aromas and tastes we can enjoy!

Growing Sinsemilla

sinsemilla denotes that a certain plant has not been pollinated. Pollination causes the plant to use up its stored energies to produce seeds instead of producing more potent flowers. This is the natural behavior of cannabis growth. for marijuana breeders, the main goal is to produce high-quality weed with potent trichomes, resins coupled with fragrant aromas and delightful flavors. The prevention of seed production is by preventing male cannabis plants from doing so. Isolating the female cannabis plants from males indoors is the best way to prevent accidental pollination. Planting these female cannabis plants outdoors exposes the female to being pollinated by male weed plants as far as miles away. Pollen is carried through the wind. So the best way is to keep them in an enclosed environment.

This process may take some extra effort but the end product of producing sinsemilla female plants is all worth that effort.

Final Thoughts on Sinsemilla

We now take for granted the availability of high-quality weed accessible in the market nowadays. The modern-day cannabis consumer never really realized the transformation of weed from the “old” days to the weed we have available now. Our daddies had to make do with the rough tasting Mexican brick weed which was smuggled discreetly, that is if they could get ahold of some during those days.

But now, sinsemilla is the normal way of consuming weed. it is way more potent than regular feminized weed and gives a smoother inhale/exhale experience. Every breeder nowadays creates their own sinsemilla indoors. This has been the norm in the past 25 years.

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