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Basic Weed Tripping Guide

If you’re smoking weed, the THC content, or the CBD, as well as other substances, and chemicals will be inhaled to your lungs and will pass to your bloodstream. It is then carried right away throughout your body to your brain. That is, then, you feel the psychoactive effects that are called weed tripping

For the most part, cannabis consumers regardless if they smoke it or ingest it, they usually feel a euphoric and relaxing sensation that lasts for hours while other effects vary from person to person. Some feel energized and motivated, while some improve their appetite and become giggly. 

Compared to smoking, cannabis, if ingested either as a food or a drink, its effects can be delayed, which starts to appear up to an hour or less. This is because cannabis has to pass through your digestive system before it passes to your bloodstream. Eating or drinking something with cannabis significantly affects the THC effects on your body than smoking it. 

Since its effects are delayed, a lot of people created a misconception that they have to consume more so that they can feel it’s high and benefits, which is wrong. 

Is there a Weed Tripping Guide? 

There is no exact guide to properly get yourself tripping or get high with cannabis because its effects vary from person to person and also the amount of it that you ingest or smoke. 

Of course, the euphoric experience that you feel with cannabis is universal; meaning, everyone experiences it. However, some people had an adverse effect when they ingested or smoked cannabis. They experience fear, anxiety, stress, and panic. 

So, why is this happening? Well, these effects are very common, especially if the person consumes more than enough cannabis considering that it is already potent enough to get you high, but the misconception of ingesting or smoking more to add euphoria will just get you in trouble. 

People who use a large dose of cannabis experience what they call acute psychosis, wherein they experience a delusion, hallucinations, and paranoia. However, these are just temporary reactions and cannot result in permanent mental illness such as schizophrenia and dementia. 

Now that you are aware of the effects of using higher doses of cannabis, you should learn this short, but a very informative guide to give you a pleasant weed trip. 

Determine the effects first before smoking- This is very important, especially for beginners who do not smoke that regularly or not have experienced smoking cannabis before. This is because their body, in general, is not ready and not used to the effects that cannabis brings. If you’re not used to smoking cannabis, you have to determine its effects because your body is not used to it. You should choose the specific strain of cannabis that you feel will provide you all the good stuff since strains have different effects and benefits. You can either choose Sativa strain that contains higher levels of THC for motivation, stimulation, and energy, while the Indica contains more CBD and is perfect for relaxation, upliftment, and sedation. 

Seek advice from veteran stoners- Instead of being too proud to ask questions from people who are seasoned cannabis consumers, you should humble down and consider yourself first as a rookie in cannabis consumption. Ask them about their experiences, their best trips, and their worst trips. Seek advice and tips on how to enjoy your weed tripping and how to avoid having a bad trip. This is because most of them have already experienced a good and a bad trip. If you’re going to a dispensary, make sure you ask the people working in there which strain is best for beginners and what is the proper dosage for that specific strain you want to smoke or consume. You can also use the internet and do in-depth research about cannabis to widen your knowledge. 

Feel your body and mind first- Don’t take a hit of that blunt unless you are not feeling well, or you are not ready for it. This is because it will surely affect your high and your trip, which might end up bad. Make sure you had a full night sleep (8 to 10 hours) before you smoke cannabis and make sure you have eaten your meal. Also, you should not be taking any other drugs or substances that contain psychoactive properties before smoking weed. If you’re feeling sick, it is best not to smoke weed because it will just worsen your condition. Lastly, if you are hesitant, do not force yourself, take time to decide if you want to smoke cannabis or not. Besides, there are a lot of alternatives to enjoy cannabis aside from smoking. You can choose edibles, essential oils, and vaporizers. 

Always start low- It is a general rule that regardless of what you do, if you’re a beginner, you have to start low or start small. This is highly applicable to cannabis smoking. Make sure you roll a small amount of dried cannabis on your preferred rolling paper if you are a beginner. Keep in mind that smoking it will surely make you feel nauseous, and it is normal since cannabis is more potent than tobacco. So, you have to start low or small so that you will not be overwhelmed by its thick smoke that is intense enough to make you a bit dizzy. It is best advised to use a vaporizer so that you can enjoy a more filtered smoke than rolling a joint.  

Slow down; it’s not a race- You should also remember that you are not required to finish the entire joint, and you are not timed to finish it all. Your joint can last for a couple of days. Take a puff once in a while and do not treat it like a tobacco cigarette, instead treat it like a bottle of an expensive whiskey where you have to only pour a small amount in a glass. Rushing it will just overwhelm you and will just only result in a bad trip. 

Find the most comfortable place- Cannabis smoking is very different from tobacco smoking. Since cannabis makes you high and makes you experience euphoria, you have to position yourself most comfortably. Either you can tuck in your room, your couch, or in any places, you feel the most comfort, do not forget this before your smoking session. This will help enhance the effects positively and will surely provide you the best benefits and the best trip you can experience. Free yourself from any distractions like phones, computers, or things that will divert your mind from the pleasant trip and euphoria you are experiencing. Just lay down, relax, and enjoy every hit. 

Do not panic- There are instances that you might feel dizzy, your heartbeat starts to rise, and you feel panicky, then this is the time for you to relax so that this will not result in a bad trip. You see, bad trips happen, and you cannot determine when it is going to happen, especially if you are a beginner in cannabis smoking. If you are not feeling that good after taking a few hits, you have to remember that nobody died of cannabis unless you start to panic and injure yourself for it. Make sure if you are smoking weed, you have a buddy or a companion with you so that when bad trip strikes, there’s someone that can help you or the other way around. That is why you should always choose a place to smoke cannabis that is very comfortable and secure so that you won’t feel panic during your session. 

Load yourself with sweets- If you’re not aware of it, loading yourself or consuming more sugar will help enhance the effects of cannabis positively. Make sure you munch a bar of chocolate or chugged down a bottle or can of soda, or just eat a full meal so that your body can cope up with the intense effects of cannabis. This is very important because smoking weed in an empty stomach or you are low in sugar will just result in nausea and a bad trip. Make sure you eat 30 minutes before you roll a joint. 

Relax- Once you have taken a few hits and already felt the intense effects of cannabis, you should relax and lay back. Chill and feel its effects slowly going up. That is when you will feel the euphoria and the high that will take you to other places virtually. If you are smoking a Sativa strain, try to focus yourself on a particular task since this is known to promote motivation, focus, and energy, while Indica strains will let your body put in ultimate relaxation that promotes sleep and upliftment. 


Now that you learn this short guide to have a good weed tripping, you should prepare yourself by now and roll a joint. Enjoy cannabis and always smoke moderately. For more cannabis seed strains with high-quality, you can buy it here at cannabis seed bank.

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