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Must-Try Weed Games for Stoners

There are times that a good trip should be enjoyed with trusted people like your friends. A group trip with people you are safe and comfortable with can be enjoyed with a good game. Yes, tripping is not all about just enjoying the effects of marijuana courtesy of your precious couch; it can be enjoyed with weed games.

Adding more fun to a good trip is extraordinary. You get that happy feeling in addition to the great feeling that you get with the effects of marijuana. If you want to know what are the different group games, read on this article as we will give you a list of great games that you can play with your group during a trip.

List of Weed Games for Stoners

1. Never Have I Ever

This is not a new group game. The mechanics are everyone should be gathered. You have to have enough weed to go around. Roll them for smoking. Choose someone to start the game. The person should say ” Never have I Ever,” then he should say something that he/she did not do. Example ” Never Have I have Ever been caught drunk driving” For those who have done the deed, they have to smoke the weed. You can pass around clock-wise. You can play the game as long as you want.

2. Strip Choker

This game is for experienced cannabis smokers. Just a reminder, beginners won’t be able to last long in this game. This is best for small groups. In this game, everyone is asked to smoke their weed and hold the smoke as long as possible. You need extra, tough lungs if you want to enjoy this game. The first person to exhale loses and will need to take off a piece of cloth.

3. Medusa

This is a good game to play for a large or small group of people. Gather your friends and form a circle. Players should look at their feet. Looking head down. One person should count to three, and on the count of three, players should look up and look at another player. If you happen to look at someone who is not staring at you, then you are safe, but if you happen to look up and someone is staring at you, then you have to shout “MEDUSA,” and its time to take a hit.

4. Bong Pong

This is a classic game for stoners and pretty much loved. This game can be played one 1-one-1 or 2-on-2, just like the famous “beer pong”. The goal of this game is to throw a ping pong at your rival’s cup. Usually, the cups are filled with water. If you get a ping pong call in, you get to take a hit.

5. Rock. Paper Scissors

The classic game is still being enjoyed in a group jam. All you have to do is to use your hand and shake, forming a rock, paper, or scissors. The winner among the players will be able to get to take a hit.

6. Chicago

This will require to get at least five people and tough lungs. It starts when one person says “Chicago,” and all the member agrees. As soon as you take a hit, you have to hold it until it comes back to you. Exhale and then take another hit. The game continues until everyone quits.

7. The Hour of Power

This is a drinking game. Everyone who joins in this gets to drink a beer smoke every minute for 1 hour. This gain would require lots of weed. To add to the enjoyable environment, you can add a playlist of really good music to make it more enjoyable.

8. Greenjack

Nothing beats an old school classic card game, and Greenjack is a favorite. The rule of the game is whoever gets close to 21 will be able to take a hit. You can be creative in this game like add some penalties to the losing person, or whoever is the farthest to 21 is the losing person.

9. Mentioning Marijuana

A simple game to play, mentioning marijuana, is very simple. The mechanics are for you to watch a movie or TV show. Whenever someone mentions marijuana, you need to take a hit. You need to choose a TV show or a movie related to the selected word to make it very enjoyable.

10. Last Man Standing

Obviously, this game is for the toughest. Beginners are not allowed in this game. The mechanics are very simple; all you have to do is smoke until you are totally baked. You may search for a circle, and everyone should take a hit. The last one to give up is the winner.

11. Jamaica Jammin

This is one fun and happy game. You need to play the song by “Jammin,” which was sung by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Whenever you hear the word “Jammin” on the song, you get to take a hit.

12. Tokin’ Obstacle Course

This is a challenging game, but you need some props like pillows, chairs, blankets, or things like that. During the course, you can place bog and joints somewhere. Be creative by making your obstacle course a lot of fun. The many distractions, the more fun and exciting it gets.


Weed games are enjoyable and can add more fun to your trip. If you are jamming with a group of friends, then take advantage of the atmosphere and start a game that can also be like your bonding moment with them.

There are a lot of strains with different effects. Some can make you creative and euphoric; some can tame you and would let you experience chilling moments. Choose a game that corresponds with the atmosphere in the room. Let everyone cooperate, but of course, do not be a pushover. Just invite those who are willing to join the games. Weed games are fun. They add up to the vibe, the euphoric atmosphere that will make your trip enjoyable and more exciting.

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