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Utopia Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Utopia marijuana strain may be new to the cannabis field, but its genetic heritage is all-star quality. Her most prominent parent, White Widow, the multi-time cannabis cup winner from the southern Indian and Dutch races in the 1990s. Critigal+, the other parent, is a phenotype with Critical Mass, a cross between Afghani and Skunk #1.

In the seeds industry, strain hunters enjoy the blooming period of this high THC strain approaching 20%. This balanced hybrid has the same characteristics as traditional Sativa hybrids and Sativa strains.

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5 Seeds$65.00
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25 Seeds$240.00

Utopia Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-Dominant

Genetics Parents:  Critigal+ x White Widow

Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks

Climate: the Mediterranean and Temperate 

Yield: 550 g/m2

Flavors: citrus, pine, and mint

THC Level: 20%

CBD Level: <1%

Height: Medium ( 80 cm -130 cm)

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Utopia Feminized Cannabis Strain

Utopia weed strain produces a potent and cerebral high, which is the characteristic of Sativa varieties that elevate the mood to euphoric levels. The limonene and pinene terpenes generate calming results for Utopia, encouraging imagination and a more optimistic perspective. Utopia has a spicy and sweet fragrance that will love by cannabis connoisseur. The strains produce brilliant and uplifting pine, citrus, and mint flavors.

What are the Medical Benefits of Utopia Feminized Marijuana?

Utopia feminized hemp will make patients experience a portion of their namesake of medicinal marijuana. Because of the THC levels in utopia, this strain contributes to chronic distress and pain relief. Also, this marijuana strain is recognized for its cerebral impact but proves to have medicinal advantages by reducing discomfort and digestive treatment.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Utopia Feminized Cannabis Strain

As to other marijuana users, getting the proper dosage can have minimal impact, but adverse reactions are common. Symptoms of these are dry mouth and red eyes; always keep with you a bottle to help you hydrated. When you have sensitive eyesight, always have with you eyedrops. Always take marijuana in moderation; either you are a beginner or an expert.

How To Grow Utopia Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Any grower loves utopia strain because of its characteristics. You will find anything you are looking for in a cannabis plant: easy growing, very short flowering, and very high in production. The buds have a sweet and fruity taste and are typical of the Sativa style strains and soothing and cerebral influence. Utopia is a strain of cannabis that produces excellent results both indoors and outdoors and functions well in Mediterranean and temperate climates, even though its cold climates are the most natural because they are particularly mold-resistant.



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