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Ultra Violet OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Ultra Violet OG Marijuana Seeds is a feminized hybrid cannabis strain with high THC and potent effects. It was made from two very popular and prominent strains and can grow up to 150 cm tall. It comes with euphoric, stimulating, uplifting, and relaxing effects with strong earthy, fruity, and skunk flavors.

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Ultra Violet OG (fem)

The Super Powerful Indica Strain

One of the most important aspects of a hybrid success is the capacity of the plant to generate plenty of buds with great THC content and a quick flowering period. Unfortunately, Purple Indica was quite a poor performer when it comes to these things. Thus, an Indica-dominant strain was formulated from a crossbreed to develop these growing characteristics. The combination of Purple Indica and Face Off OG led in the formulation of Ultra Violet G feminized.

Commonly grown with a maximum length of 150 cm, Ultra Violet produces abundant yields without consuming too much space. The production of resin is so bountiful that a rich volume of trichomes is noticed even on the interior of nug colas. Cultivating Ultra Violet OG feminized in a regulated setting is most efficient with the setup of the Sea of Green.

The floral legacy of Face Off OG is noticeable in the flavor and smell of Ultra Violet OG.


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