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Trainwreck Auto Marijuana Seeds


Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strain comprises 60% Sativa, 30% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis genes, resulting in a healthy and uniform female plant. This cannabis strain has long been regarded as one of the best classic cannabis varieties. Its genetics combines the best Mexican and Thai sativa strains with the famed Afghani Indica strain. As a result of the combination, a super-potent cannabis strain with a short flowering time has emerged. The plant itself has a vine-like, heavily Sativa structure with limited leaf count and massive calyxes and sometimes appears gray due to strong trichome coverage.

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Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: 60% Sativa 30% Indica 10% Ruderalis Genetics Parents: Thai Sativa x Afghani Indica x Mexican Sativa Flowering Period: 10 weeks Climate: Warm Humid Sunny Yield: 450g Indoors, 50g-200g Outdoors Flavors: Pine Citrus Lemon Earthy THC Level: 18% CBD Level: 0% Height: Tall Harvest Period: Late October Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Effects and Flavor of Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strains will leave you feeling euphoric and uplifted right away. Since the potency of this cannabis strain is very high, it detects people’s expectations quite subtly. The subtle yet entertaining psychedelic will be improved by enhancing figures and voices. When high on this cannabis strain, users claim to feel inspired, which helps them do more innovative work. As the Sativa takes effect, a profoundly sedating sensation can wrap itself around the user’s entire body, placing them in a state of complete relaxation. At the same time, his mind remains alert and conscious. While the Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strain will not bring users into a sedative state, large doses of this cannabis strain can eventually lead to a deep, restful slumber.  The Train Wreck marijuana strain smells like a walk through a pine-covered forest, with cedar and citrus notes in the background. This cannabis taste is more pungent and more lemon-like. It also lends itself to an earthy smell, which is usually associated with cannabis.

What are the Medical effects of Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strain is also believed to have medicinal properties. Many medical marijuana patients look to this little guy for relief from several pains and other physical ailments. It assists in the treatment of muscle pain and other pain-related conditions. It has a track record of helping relieve inflammation that causes joint pain, headaches, and backaches.  Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strain benefits cannabis patients with stress, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Its potent cortical effect makes the user forget about those awful memories and negative thoughts that keep coming back to haunt the patient’s mind, replacing them with positive reviews that improve their mood. The use of this cannabis strain has proven to lower the incidence of these brain disorders.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana also has some adverse effects. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the common negative effects of this cannabis strain. Also, this cannabis strain can trigger anxiety and paranoia to those who are not familiar with the high this cannabis strain offers because of its high potency.

How to Grow  Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strain can be difficult for inexperienced growers because this cannabis strain has a propensity for being a hermaphrodite, which can destroy an entire crop if not detected. The plants tend to grow tall and thick-stemmed, so some trimming will be needed to keep them from spreading out too far. When this strain flowers, the Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana strain’s resin levels can be very high and visible. It will take 8 weeks to bloom. Indoor growers can expect to harvest up to 250 grams of high-quality buds per square meter if they allow their plants as much light as possible. Outdoor growers produce an average of 150 grams per plant during the optimum Summer months, with yields varying depending on conditions.  These cannabis plants will quickly develop, flower, and mature if planted outside at the start of the season, producing thick, potent buds.


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