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Tijuana Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Tijuana Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 22 percent making this very uplifting, happy, and energizing. It is a tall strain which can grow good yields. It is energetic, creative, happy, and relaxing with citrus, earthy, sweet, and woody-flavored dense buds. This is not a strain for beginner growers as it can be finicky to grow.

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Marijuana Tijuana (fem)

Hefty Sativa Doses for Extreme Cerebral High

Consuming Tijuana feminized will guarantee you a wonderful experience. An offspring of two iconic strains, Tijuana boasts of having the best qualities of each parentage. It has an earthy tone that is influenced by Haze. It also has a unique variation of citrus, which is influenced by Kali Mist. Considering that both parents are Sativa strains, expect to get an uplifting high together with the incredible hike of energy.

The promising strain affects the mind to soar high and develop the most creative thoughts. As such, creative writers, speakers, and artists adore this strain. Furthermore, Tijuana feminized also gained an impressive reputation because of its enormous medical worth. With a single toke or two, it can readily help one to feel relax and soothe his or her mental ailments.

Tijuana feminized offers a satisfying experience. It possesses a delightful essence that captivates.


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